Friday, October 29, 2010

Tweet it from Everest: "OMG! We're halfway up!"

KATHMANDU, Nepal - You can not get away from a cell phone call, Even at the top of the world.
Thanks to newly installed 3G towers near Mount Everest's base camp, dog explorers surf the Web, Facebook tweet and post updates Without Worrying Their Signals That will disappear Into thin air. The new high-speed service, Announced Friday by Ncell, a Subsidiary of Swedish telecom company TeliaSonera, will allow mountaineers setting off to the summit of the world's tallest mountain to access wireless Internet and make video calls to family, friends and supporters.

"You know, I think it's kind of good and kind of bad, But to me it's kind of inevitable," Said renowned climber Ed Viesturs, frequently Described as The Strongest U.S. high-altitude mountaineer. The 51-year-old veteran of seven climbs to Everest's 29.035-foot summit Said the new technology is not for him. "I'm kind of old school," Said Viesturs, Who Has climber all 14 of the world's Highest Peaks. "But You Can imagine the newer generation Saying, 'No, bring it on. The more the better.'"

Every year, Thousands of trekkers from all over the world walk to Everest's base camp at 17.000 feet, and Hundreds of mountaineers take on the arduous and dangerous route to the summit. Until now, They Were Forced to carry heavy - and expensive - satellite equipment to transmit information and images from base camp. On the climb, mountaineers carry handheld VHF radios to talk with base camp, an expedition Though Might Also carry a satellite phone to contact sponsors and family.

For 25-year-old Leif Whittaker, WHO summit Everest for the first time in May - calling His mother on the descent, using a satellite phone - the Advantage Comes Down to Being Able to Easily phone home. "Just Being Able to Communicate with your family and friends Would make it a lot Easier to spend two months in a tent away from home," Said Whittaker, Whose father, Jim Whittaker, Was the first American to summit Everest.

But There Is A Risk That It Could Be A Dangerous distraction, the Port Townsend, Wash., resident said. When Attempting the summit, "You Need to Stay Focused in the moment." Dave Hahn, Who Has 12 times Everest climber, More Than Any Other American, Noted That the north side base camp in Tibet've Had Several cell service for years, But Not the south side in Nepal. The 48-year-old from Taos, NM, Said That When I first Everest climber in 1991, I Had That equipment allowed him to transmit lines of Telex. "That was pretty high-tech in 1991."

And in 1999, Hahn When That WAS on the expedition found the body of legendary mountaineer George Mallory Ingl├ęs, Who Died on Everest in 1924: "I remember sitting up all night Figuring out how to send the photos out in big enough resolution." That Will Be a thing of the past now. Might But Facebook, Twitter and the high-pitched sound of ringing Dozens of cell phones cheap the experience?

"I Hear That all the time," Hahn said. "And What can you say? Things change that way. And Those of us who've Beamed home pictures and stories from the place, well, we've accelerated That change." Gordon Janow, Who Helps set-up base camps for expeditions led by Alpine Ascents International of Seattle, agree. Trekkers in the lower Himalayas Elevations Also the use of cell phones, and "I do not know if it's good or bad," I said. "It was one of the FEW places Could you go and lose yourself from the world."

China assured Clinton on rare earth exports

HANOI, Vietnam - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday sought and Receive assurances from China's Foreign Minister about the country's key export of exotic metals to the global high-tech industry, a U.S. official said.

The official Said Clinton raised the matter with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on the sidelines of a summit of East Asian Leaders in Vietnam. Clinton "sought clarification on the Chinese Government's policy on the export of rare earth minerals and Receive assurances," the official said.

The official, Who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a private conversation Diplomatic, Did not Specify What the assurances were. But this week China Said It Would Not use the exports of rare earth minerals as a bargaining chip with Other Political countries.

Restrictions on the Recent Chinese out of rare earths Have drawn international concern 'and prompter calls for Nations to Diversify the production of the minerals, Which Are Needed to produce items Such as cell phones, missiles and solar energy panels, China now produce 97 Percent of the world's supply after MOST of the Industrialized World, Including the United States, Japan and Europe, largely abandoned in favor of Their production Cheaper Chinese exports.

Earlier in Hawaii, Clinton Said Chinese Export Restrictions Imposed on Japan in the Midst of a territorial dispute Deepening Were a "wake-up call" for the world to find sources of rare earths Additional.

Japanese companies say Beijing has blocked rare earths Since shipments to Japan in September. 21 after a Chinese fishing boat captain near WAS Detained Disputed islands. The captain WAS Later released Japanese Authorities say But Have yet to resume supplies.

Russia will create a Windows operating system to stop

The Russian state plans to upgrade their computer to a new operating system that allows independence from U.S. giant Microsoft.

Moscow allocate $ 4.9 million dollars to develop a system based on Linux. Ponomarev, a computer expert, said some details would be revealed in December at a meeting led by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

"We are independent from Windows, but we risk becoming a reflective implementation of Linux."

The Spirit has made important discovery on Mars

Spirit is an unfortunate robot that is stuck in the sand on Mars last year, but sedentary in their months has made a great discovery: evidence of subsurface water on the planet.

Recall that the Spirit ended its mission in 2004 and was embarked on an extra task, but in April 2009 was stuck in the sand. While he tried to leave, followed jammed and seven months after it broke a second round. Now is a scientist as stationary.

To take advantage of the situation, they let this young scientists introduced an underground conduit for sampling. The tests varied compositions found in the soil layers under the Spirit, insoluble materials near the surface and soluble below. This has led scientists to believe that there is water in the form of frozen or melted snow on the Martian surface.

Our friend is in hibernation while supporting the hard winter and as soon as possible (in March) shall operate its solar panels.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Authenticate the wireless network card tips

Q: is the home wireless router, two laptop Internet access, a wireless network can be used normally, the other can be the Internet, but that has been prompted to verify the identity of being, but on what will be dropped after the re-connection over a Society has also dropped, I do not know how this is going.

 A: This may be encrypted or password due to the reason. PA-PSK WPA2-PSK General encryption methods are: no encryption, WPA-PSK encryption, WPA2-PSK encryption. WPA2 There is generally a little older do not support WPA2 wireless card plus password, it is necessary the corresponding models with wireless LAN management procedures can be used. Know the reason, it is now to remedy.

First, right-click the desktop lower right corner of the small computer wireless connection icon and select "Repair" try.

WPA-PSK Second, change the router's encryption to WPA-PSK or not encrypted, and check the computer wireless network card are the same encryption settings.

TPLink821 Third, the installation TPLink821 wireless management procedures, management procedures using the wireless connection, it prompts to select encryption, as long as the router's encryption options are set the same no problem.