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How to understand search engine marketing

The early development of the Internet, search engines only as a technical application for the site to provide information retrieval services. With the rapid development of networks, search engines gradually find their way of life - keyword advertising. Earlier, tens of thousands of small and medium domestic used this approach to their products, services, information on the major search engines rank search results front, and thus embarked on a journey of network marketing. The search engine seems to draw from also keyword ads on the equal sign, in the people a deep impression imprint imprinting. As everyone knows, with the networks and the development of search technology, today's search engine marketing and image than in the purchase of search keywords, has undergone a qualitative leap, keyword buying search engine marketing is no longer full. People's understanding of search engine marketing has to be completely changed when.

Unique information bridge to promote the search engine users a high degree of polymerization In 1990, faculty and students of the University of Montreal developed a computer's Archie is considered the modern search engine, "originator", they may not have anticipated the invention will become in the world today one of the most widely used network applications. Early stage of development in the network, users rarely the one hand, the information needs of people for the network is not high, the other network information is relatively scarce, so people with limited information can quickly find the information you want.

As the network technology of high-speed Fazhan, the number of Internet users rapid growth, rapid expansion of network information, succeed in network sea of information and information Xunzhao right for them becomes more challenging use of search engines Renmenkaishi get their information, But this time do not play a leading search engine, type role. Since then, the number of Internet users continues to grow, the Internet has become to live, work an integral part of network of information resources at this time infinite time with people conflict between the scarcity of resources has become increasingly prominent, the search engine to become Internet users fast access to information necessary tools, and increasingly close relationship between the network life.

From three different stages of development can be seen that the core functions of search engines is the most information and the audience in a communication bridge between the structures. Because of this, the search engine to quickly aggregate a large number of users users.According to statistics, as of the end of 2008, China's Web search request to more than 1500 billion, the scale of search engine users reached 244 million, ranking first in the world. In 2009 the scale of China's search engine users will exceed 300 million people.

Moreover, in the massive coverage on the basis of Internet users among the search engine service providers also continued to expand its product lines, such as Baidu addition to Web search engines, also developed the pictures, MP3, video and other search channels, and paste it, know that Wikipedia and other search community to further enhance the search engine aggregation of network users and the use of adhesive strength. It is understood that Baidu MP3 daily traffic reached 110 million, Baidu Post Bar has a daily flow is more than 150 million, becoming the world's largest Chinese community.

Search engine users a high degree polymerization, to provide marketing services for enterprises laid a solid customer base, and continuous innovation and development of search engines, also to get rid of the dependence on a single service model, to diversify marketing possible. Grasp the pulse of consumer demand, highlights search engine marketing charm The emergence of the Internet not only changed the way people communicate, but also a glorious page in the history of media development for marketing were brought infinite space and reverie. 

But today, when people stand on a particular point of view to re-examine online media marketing brought only found that the majority of online advertising and traditional advertising does not essentially different from, or most online advertising is just an extension of traditional advertising, just replace the transmission carrier. Because for the audience, is still a passive acceptance of communication content, the content is available more than the traditional media, out of time and space constraints only. But search engine marketing changes the situation radically shift the change.

Baidu Web Search box in the "laptop offer," showed "to the pages found 3,380,000 articles, with time 0.001 seconds." In a very short period of time, users can be found through the search engine takes a year ago or even decades to the screening and selection of things. But search engines not only provide search, more importantly, it brings the searcher's needs - produced from the bottom of my heart deep and true needs. And compared to traditional online media, search engines are no longer a good order imposed on users of information, but users initiate their own initiative. In this process, the search engine based on user search behavior and browsing behavior data analysis, the user can clear insight into what needs what, this is the search engine seductive charm, who is also a marketing dream .

To search engine provider Baidu, for example, nearly 300 million Internet users in the coverage, brought together more than 100 billion times per year based on data massive search through the details of these consumption data and research analysis to the various industries, businesses The network marketing to provide a more scientific basis for decision making. For example, automobile-related searches on the data to collect, classify, analyze and mining, Baidu users can Huoxizuijin Mouyijieduan on a Xinghaoqiche Yijiqiche Xiaofeixingye of Guanzhu degree, insight Xiaofei Zhe's intent and Wajue the Wei Lai a period, the trend of auto consumption users.

Search engine with great precision to lock the consumer and their needs together, so search engine marketing can be more accurate and effective. Advertising clients, once you start applying this so effective, accurate consumer demand, most of his customers would no longer use search engine marketing Hennan. As more and more advertisers, more diverse marketing needs, the search engine also developed a series of innovative marketing products such as Baidu search engine marketing has been more from the initial display mode of a single service, and to have a brand zone accurate advertising, 

contextual advertising and other rich quickly integrated into the marketing model, while concerned about the process of brand marketing, promotion and sales promotion, brand advertisers, search engine marketing application offers more choices. Consumers will always be a core element of marketing, and search engine a high degree of polymerization of consumers, consumer behavior, consumer trends in in-depth insight into the ... ... are firmly grasp the "core elements" of the pulse. Continuous development and updating of the Internet, online marketing is also in a more accurate, user-friendly direction, I believe the consumer launch of "active marketing" will make search engine marketing to play a more powerful influence.

How to optimize Web site pictures?

Image optimization is the site search engine optimization one of the most important part. The pictures on the website search engine optimization / SEO website will not only bring more additional traffic, but also bring visitors a better user experience. Images in this article summarizes the optimization techniques to note 16.

1. In the picture of the alt tag (replacement text) to add keywords, which is image optimized in the most important point.

2. Standard image embed code should contain five key tags: src, width, height, alt and title. Replace the text (alt) is to give those who can not see images in your document text description provided here. title is a description and additional images to add, if you need to text when the mouse through the pictures should prompt property title. Alt tag generally the most critical.

3. Give you the picture a descriptive and contain your target keywords in the file name. If you have a lovely parrot picture is about, then this should be used as a descriptive parrot.jpg file name, rather than using the code name t123.jpg such is, of course, can make the image file name and ALT tags inside the content of the same or the same. Do not casually use such names pic1234.jpg, but should describe more clearly the name of cute-parrot.jpg.

4. Picture and where the content must be related to: web visitors to browse images is not the first thing, but it will make visitors stay longer on the page longer. (Based on eye tracking research, browsing the text of priority in the picture, but when printing the article, people will look at the picture. While looking at web pages will look at the text, but pictures will make them stay longer pages longer and more impressive)

5. In the picture around to add relevant information. If you use Google search for images, will be not difficult to find in each picture there will be a descriptive text under which keywords appear in bold. Google Image Search by analyzing the page image in the vicinity of the text, images, headings and many other elements to determine the image content. Therefore, the picture around to add a description contains the keyword information to optimize website pictures in search engine rankings.

6. Point to the picture links to include keywords.
Open the image using the hyperlink, then the name of the hyperlink of keywords should include pictures, for example you want to link a lovely parrot picture, it should not use the "Click for full size" and link text, but should try to use such as " Lovely parrot "named form like.

7. Use Tag to tag the picture. Use as flickr photo storage services like, it is best for the pictures with tag.

8. To ensure the picture can be crawled by search engines. Set the site robots.txt file to ensure image files can be searched spider crawling. Remember not to use javascript links to picture files. If you do so, search engines can not retrieve your image of the document.

9. No need to optimize your site for all the pictures. Such as the use of template images, navigation in the image are background images, etc., we do not have ALT tags for these add a picture, we can put these pictures in a separate folder. And by setting the robots.txt file to block spiders to crawl these pictures.
You can set all the spiders have been prevented from crawling the images:
User-agent: *
Disallow: / Images
Can only prevent Google image search spiders crawl:
User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: / Images

10. To avoid a repeat of the picture. For example, your site a picture of three forms: small size of the picture, medium size image, the larger size of the image. So, do not let it be indexed to the three pictures. Deal with this situation the best way is to use robots.txt file to tell spiders not to crawl you do not want to be indexed image version.

11. Number of images per page is less possible.

12. Note that the image size to accommodate the search engine, such as your link is a wallpaper, then the size of wallpaper should be compliant. As Google, Baidu and other image search are available under the picture size to search.

13. Frequently updated picture. If you do not change the picture for a long time (image size, image file size, image location and image name so no change), its ranking may be reduced, because the search engine would suspect image content is outdated.

14. Using Google Webmaster enhanced image search. Enable enhanced image search, Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler your site includes images associated with the label in order to optimize the picture quality of the index and improve the search.

15. Check the index by search engines picture search picture your situation. In order to check the pictures on the website optimization is successful, need to monitor the search engine on the web site picture of your rate. Method is search bar input (to replace you need to check the domain name). Other search engines have this feature.

How to optimize e-commerce site

B2c e-commerce website construction different, there are different methods of search engine optimization seo, need to analyze specific issues.
However, the original aim, the following are 10 basic b2c e-commerce web site optimization methods:
Page optimization, to follow the "Web site home page optimization" principle;
Products by product category page optimization to name the main key words, good dispersion;
Category best of "product category name - Site name" this form of title;
Product detail page is best "product name - category name - Site name" this form of title;

Product detail page to product name and the corresponding expansion of keyword-based Key words;
Or session to resolve the problem of how best to do dynamic address bar and getting short as possible;
Generate static or pseudo static; site at the top of the main navigation is simple, easy hits the lower classification;
The bottom of the navigation station in the entire uniform, easy to find, and give customers a sense of security;

Product category if more reasonable arrangement, placed on the left than the right, and do not have to cover what customer service hotline;

Products placed on the left lower classification, there is a problem that needs attention is not good for search engine optimization, to learn how to use div to achieve display in the left side, but in the source code is the Tui to the back;

b2c e-commerce site optimization is a system to work more than 10 seo optimization methods are only approximate, general introduction to what specific action is required of professional staff analysis, there are many other details of the specific optimization to be done, such as how to optimize shopping process, how to optimize add to shopping cart functions, how to optimize the user experience, how to layout of product categories, how to write optimized soft paper product introduction, etc., which I will talk about in more detail later, please pay attention to my website.

The body text of web page optimization techniques

Excellent SEO SEO copywriting is very important. Because keyword density, thinking one hundred million customers in Europe and the proposed site of some key content pages do not too much. If it is too much content, you can consider more pages to put these elements. Content too long, it might scare away readers will. In short, there are many good reasons to encourage you to keep the simplicity of the body text. 

Use bold ("bold" or "strong") and italic ("em" or "i") to identify the page, but does something to save our use. Doing REACH certification, FDA certification, LFGB certification, ROHS certification, MSDS certification, PAHS certification on the adoption of this principle of the word. Both the search engine or on the ordinary user, 

it can help them to find the key to your text. But do not use underscores in the page around ("u" label), which allow users to text and links to confuse. I also recommend the body text should use the paragraph (using the paragraph tag "p" "/ p"), each paragraph of not more than three to four sentences, the keywords you choose should be placed as far as possible the start of each paragraph location. 

We recommend you to the word, words, and four characters to the appropriate frequency of keywords in the text were scattered. Ideal keyword density options, depending on the degree of competition keywords and your ultimate goal. For the first four (and all stations) keywords, I suggest that each individual in the home the first goal of the region is 20% (primary area is within the title + page title + text + bold italic text + alt text). 

Ordinary text content (secondary area) density should be: for page-specific (most important) keywords the words of 2% to 4%, 3 word keyword to 0. _8% ~ 1.5%, 0.2% related keyword to 0.5% (there will be many). 

Body text optimization, SEO greater factor. Do not underestimate the importance of good SEO copy. This is my most challenging for the user doing the work (and most time). In the body of the text elements, you have a block of text more than any other freedom. Take half a brain to use this freedom to it.

Site where internal need to be optimized?

Website optimization is the internal website optimization focus, the following is a special need to optimize the 10 areas:
1. Clean up the structure, now the structure is simple: the title, navigation (intended to remove), classification, articles, tag. 

2. Removed useless functions and codes, irrelevant links (such as the printed pdf, About Us, Contact us) I have used nofollow. 

3. Tag to write the fine, the best to write each article 1-2 tag, because the tag is double-edged sword that can help your; but the tag too much, anyway, will go wrong website. 

4. Website title with h1, classification with h2, news headlines with h3, tag with h3, news highlights with h4, navigation I use nofollow. Clear as possible so that the whole site structure, three-dimensional, focusing on classification of. 

5. Standardized as much as possible while writing, paragraphs with
, rather than a carriage return, minimize the use of space; quoted or referenced what format to use italics, bold use of important elements.

6. Article, the article said some of the other statements, within the chain with a point. When the external links references directly, without nofollow, and do not mean to export link. 

7. An important part of the article as written in the front. 

8. Try to write all the hyperlink in the title, image alt attributes, and use a short statement, rather than keywords. Pictures with gif or jpg, image sizes as small as possible, and indicate the picture size. 

9. For a quote form, do too, if it is too deep, with a

10. External link does not seek pr, just look at the other site's development, if the site healthy, good, not imitation, and he for one, do not look at short-term interests. 

11. Url clear, url appear in keywords, or keyword Quanpin. 

12. Deployed within a reasonable chain, loop PR, in addition to article within the chain, tag is a kind of internal links, as well as articles, recommended articles. 

13. Title of each page to be different; description I did not write, either for procedural reasons, to change too much trouble, and second, because I think I write well, not as the search engines themselves to find a suitable fragment; keywords does not need too many 3-5 summarizes the contents of the article, not written and articles related keywords, but keywords for each page, all I want to write the main push of the keywords, huh, huh. 

14. Do not cheat, tightly illegal content.

Optimization process on the website

Website Optimization is a systematic project, not easy, and requires a lot of accumulation and attempt, we need a systematic process and work system in order to be more effective, here on the website optimization process summed up, for your reference The first step, the site orientation: Needless to say, a goal best, there is no objective need to make their own assessment.The second step, the domain name choice: on this point in my previous article also mentioned as possible choices of rice containing keywords, weight is not high. But the same circumstances, there will be a slight advantage. A short, easy to remember, relevance, Pinyin or English meter, and the old domain name selection criteria.

The third step: the network to streamline the optimization process: reduction of burdensome code, improve the efficiency of the program. Js program code related to all package calls, the css style is also called the style sheet with the structure, in addition to architecture is conducive to search engine div + css format.Step Four: keyword selection: for site location, select the efficient and targeted keywords, the scope can not be too broad nor too narrow, keywords area remember not to pile keywords. According to recent observations, keywords are less important, usually around 3 or better.

Step Five: key, title Description: This is more important, the general format we write the title, keyword 1 keyword 2 keyword N add your site name, title, description of not more than 28 characters is appropriate, more will not show, so it will dilute the keyword weight. Secondly, the description of the region, where the region will be presented to the searcher directly in front of the first, that the site where they can have a more intuitive understanding of those who are searching the site selection criteria, so here's the key you want to highlight your words, long tail keywords long tail long tail ... ... and your company and contact information so simple, but the need to control in 108 words or so.

Step Six: keyword layout: This is the critical step, the keyword density should be reasonable, the new station control at 4% -% 5. Arrangement with top to bottom, left to right in principle, the rest of the natural distribution, once again stressed that no malicious accumulation. All pages as a home treatment to smooth the interface between the upper and lower page. Not create access to higher level sub page can not return to the situation of the page.

Step Seven: Content Development: to each article are taken seriously, insist on original, rational selection of appropriate titles, keywords in content to a reasonable distribution of the principle of repetition from top to bottom, the statement clear, otherwise it will affect the user experience. In this way, each article can bring you unlimited traffic. 

Part VIII: Building external links: Links require careful management, the site makes the illegal kind, long-term down the right and was promptly removed K sites, cheat sites deleted. To the manufacture of man-made chain, such as the promotion of soft paper, published a good article with the copyright information. Group set up a blog to create outside the chain and so on. How many outside the chain weight relative to the google account for a considerable part. Outside the chain-building is essential, be taken seriously.

FLASH website optimization tips

Search engines may not like the FLASH animation, it is difficult to identify the contents inside the FLASH animation. However, a few years ago corporate website especially popular sites such FLASH page, and now these sites also abound. With the past two years search engine optimization for popular, many business owners began to slowly realize the importance of search engine optimization, seo companies choose to do more and more. Yes, when we labored with the FLASH with the business owners to explain the site is not suitable for optimization, additional optimization, site must be revised, many business owners are not happy about it. Well, get this site in the end how to do seo do? More than six months after my observation and conclusion, I found the two methods can not only keep FLASH animation, you can both search engine optimization, improve website ranking.

Both of these methods may only be counted one of the practice is hidden text at the bottom of FLASH. However, a semi-hidden, one for the whole hide. The first is a semi-hidden, that is, below the text FLASH is visible only to the first screen to retain FLASH, so that visitors not see the movie first saw the text below. New web some time ago have taken this approach, he would first screen the site to place a large FLASH, and then the entire text content of the website on the bottom of FLASH, the first screen only shows the site navigation. Thus, when visitors first enter the site, to see just a large FLASH, click on the bottom of the navigation, the site will jump to the text below to the Department.

The second refers to FLASH hidden beneath all the text is not visible. Some will want the animation, but can not accept the place in the animation website under the important pages. In such cases, some people do not know how to do. In fact, we only need to do in the first method and little change on it. In the first approach is based on the slider will be set to hide the page, so that visitors can not see the text under the FLASH animation. Of course, since the animation is designed to do under the text to search engines rather than visitors to see the page view you can not care about the U.S. too much, just be careful not to pile too many words can be appropriate. Made of ordinary web pages look the best, so everything looks natural point. As the color of the text or conventional visible color, is not hidden text, search engines will not be sentenced to cheat.

Carried out using CSS + DIV Website Optimization

css + div is the standardization of popular web technologies, through the css + div can effectively optimize the site.
1) seo optimization of a website to have good results, it is recommended to use a standardized set of css + div layout websites, pay attention to the use of semantic tags; 

2) Web site after the completion of the major search engine sites to visit and then submit to the Google sitemap; 

3) increase the site have the right to re-link, multi-pay some good links; 

4) written site robots.txt; 

5) Use the keyword tags defined areas, such as primary key with

, plays keyword with


7) combined with a series of site optimization tools to view the optimized conditions, the basis of these data to improve your optimization; 

8) and then usually done under the optimized Web site experiences, combined with Google and Baidu seo optimization techniques to optimize your site

Which are outside the chain of quality

1. Registered some well-known, best-related forums, frequented the top post, comment, generally allow the band signed to with your signature URL. For example, in A5, real name certification can be painted with the text chain. The submission site is now basically agreed to in your article or article appears in the back of the author's web site, we can always write articles related to Qu submission, go to the free exchange of links to

2, write a blog, maintaining a stable update, not mass. Good blog on the Links.

3 collection of some owners group, to participate in, express some opinions, pay attention to relevant information, and then exchange links with webmaster.

4 news station become weak to the text, but requires to be better than literary grace. After reading some sympathy for the reader, there are a lot of Big Brother are up companies, on behalf of the writing and become weak text, credit, or reliable.

5, to make good use Baidu own thing, paste it, space, know that there was the ah, especially now that we all know, Baidu has always put himself in front of the product. Very eccentric, so how many stations have been ranked in the second page.

6, now popular black chain, not tried. Because our customers do business station, do not pull ads, so if it is k, lost big. But many people say that the top or useful, the other for technical disloyal key. I am opposed to. When some people find some counterintuitive results, but they can get a good way after they began to take risks, give up the normal white hat black hat optimizing the choice of the optimization, although the short period of time can get a good score, but the long run, the site must become the object of K. In fact, many ways, once in practice, it is demonstrated, very few top results. Key good content, the content is not good, no good. Because Baidu is to bring good new content to the readers.

Search engine optimization should be started for the sake of users

Now often make search engine optimization of websites will increase the number of external links is essential to see that this is a shortcut to improve search engine rankings, in fact, through such means in a period of time may indeed be your site's ranking improved, It has a basic premise is that the same site (competitor) in the same optimal level is not high, so the external links on the site has done some work may be beyond the competitors. In fact, this approach is the cart before the horse, if you let those who use cheating in search engine rankings for people to "enhance the breadth Links", then mistakes, because the large increase in use of cheating garbage link, face will be the search engine on the Web site the most severe punishment - permanent deletion from the search engines. 

So search engine optimization should pay attention to it? Is very simple, is the site within the basic elements: site structure, web content, website features and web services, especially to site structure and site content optimization is most important. Can be sure that a Web site structure and site content optimization well, then completed at least 70% of search engine optimization. So now we think the most important factor in search engine optimization - website how high the importance of external links? I personally think that the importance of search engine optimization in less than 20%, and this is the means to be high quality, highly relevant website link, if only general web link, or many spam websites, if not have a negative effect. 

So, I think, the highest state of search engine optimization is: forget the search engine optimization. All for the sake of users, site structure with the professional design and high-quality content get the trust of users, while search engines will return to these high-quality website - improve your website ranking. In the process of search engine optimization, search engine considerations, only the search engine site search engine optimization as a detection tool for the situation, because the Web site's performance in search engines rely on search engines ultimate judge of.

Original articles need to identify the four goals

The current search of the original articles of love, not a substantive change in the rules, but because of the content of the article search function on the result of imperfect, that is, the search later become smart enough, and perhaps not so original value has been searching. Original meaning of the article not only for the search function of imperfect, but also to alleviate the search for data processing server redundancy, you can imagine, if a lot of the same server are filled in the search, the search will soon be unbearable. 

Then we write original articles should first determine the four objectives: 

1, we have to determine the need to optimize the key words, the example is: website optimization, place them on the title page there about 2-3 times as good, you can also refer to our station. 

2, plan to write every day on the keyword-related content, day two original on almost the same. 

3, original content appears in your key, and then gave the link, and point to the home page. About 1-2 key words linked on it. 

4, each content page, if there is another page of key words, also marked the link and point to the key words where the page. In accordance with these four goals to do stop, you will have a good harvest. The time to write original articles can also use long tail keywords.

How do search engines crawl your site faster and better

Very large network in the world; all the time generating new content. Google's own resources are limited, when faced with almost endless when web content, Googlebot can find and crawl the contents of a certain percentage of them. Then, we have to crawl to the content, we can only index part of it. URLs like the website and search engine crawlers as a bridge between: In order to be able to crawl your site's content, the crawler needs to be able to find and cross the bridge (that is, to find and crawl your URLs). If your URLs are complex or lengthy, the crawler had to repeatedly take the time needed to track the Web site; if your URLs are structured and directly to your unique content, the crawler can learn to focus on your content , not in vain spent crawl space or a different page URLs to crawl to the guidelines is ultimately just the same repetitive.

In the above slide, you can see some of our counter-examples should be avoided - these are real examples of URL exist (although their names because of privacy reasons have been replaced), these examples include the URL to be black and coding, redundant arguments disguised as part of the URL path, unlimited crawl space, and so on. You can also find the website to help you straighten out the maze and help them better and faster crawlers find your content for a number of recommendations, including:

1) remove the URL in the user parameters
That do not impact on the content URL in the parameters - such as session ID, or sort parameter - can be removed from the URL, the cookie was recorded. By adding this information cookie, and then 301 redirect to a "clean" URL, you can keep the original content, and reduce the number of URL contents point to the same situation. 

Control of infinite space Does your site have a calendar table, the above links to numerous past and future dates (each a link address is unique)? Your website address whether adding a & page = 3563 parameters, you can still return 200 code, even if not so many pages? If this is the case Di, then on your web site has been called the "Pavilion of Infinity" This Qing Kuang Hui Langfei crawling robot and the bandwidth of your site. How to control the good "infinite space", refer to some skills, right here.

2) prevent the Google crawler to crawl pages that they can not handle
By using your robots.txt file, you can stop your login page, contact information, shopping cart and other reptiles can not handle the page was crawled. (Reptiles are mean, and shy of his famous, so generally they do not own "add to cart the goods" or "Contact Us"). In this way, you can spend more time crawling reptiles on your site that they can handle the content.

One man one vote. A URL, a content
In an ideal world, URL, and have a one to one correspondence between the content: Each URL corresponds a unique content, and each paragraph can only be only a URL to visit. Closer to this ideal situation, the easier your site will be crawled and included. If your content management system or the current site to establish it more difficult to achieve, you can try to use the rel = canonical element to configure the URL you want to instruct a particular content.

Website optimization is only a means of operation is the key site

The longer the work site to do more and find a site on the optimization of the words alone is not the ideal place for many, especially after Baidu recently updated, as more and let the owners into the ranks of the auction, which undoubtedly is to optimize a heavy blow. The following lists a few to optimize the most insufficient, to study all their owners have no better way under the settlement:

Keywords effective slow: by optimizing the popular key words did not want to three months is not possible, especially hot industry, most of the keywords are highly competitive, so this part of the owners need patience to optimize your site .

Rank unstable: major search engine has its own ranking features, of course, China is still dominated by Baidu. Baidu change every day, every day along with his face changed owners. In addition to leading a well-known website, the other two small sites key words by day is possible. Especially the big update until the search engines, many owners a few years of effort have been in vain. So you owners have to have the heart to survive, start over.

Hot Keywords optimization can not: to do the key words websites can not do without daily necessities, electronics, women, mobile phones, and the like Key words single-auction estimated ten pages, and the natural ranking for the occupation of the major portals. So we can only select a number of long tail keywords. Limited number of key words: web page is generally only one main one or two key words, up to more than 45, but now the number of general web pages should not, there is also the main key words around the design. 12 owners did not then the energy to pursue more keywords. PPC is always in front: this drawback is well known, and now what words to Baidu, even a half-page to promote. Is that the next Baidu, Wikipedia, pictures, news, etc. are of Baidu. So I think just the website optimization is not a site way out, you get to the site optimization workers move closer to the operational aspects. Optimization is only a means, the operator of a website idea is a long-term planning.

How to make your website do the value of user experience

First of all, the theme of location-important site, because your positioning to determine your user experience the value, so you also Queli the end thus on this Caozuoguocheng we Yiding Zuozhan Have faith in your faith, to make their sites to be of greatest value. For example: you need to find a product, enter keywords to find the page you go in, and then found that this is not the content of the data you want, what would you think, leave. If there is another page to open to find that the data provided, that you want, you will think you do not have experience to the user's value? This is the maximum value the user experience.

Site structure determines the development of your site, how do you put down your content data distribution patterns, can have any kind of effect, the structure of the site will be reflected, so determine your site's theme of your site structure determines the value of user experience. Only detailed classification model, to achieve good market, the user would have the greatest experience of value. Why is hard to be alibaba, so as more and more vertical industries have developed the platform, so before alibaba monopoly often become blurred, so the greatest value in the user experience, we experience a new model of network development .

Web site data security determines the level of user experience, such as when you visit the site, there is always the general pop web pages, web pages or find an error, or the visual look and feel good, then this directly affects the user experience value, you will go to visit this site it? Even in rich data, how good the content, because the problems themselves, it will directly lead to the visitor's thinking activity. You can observe: a few large portals, such a situation it? Some owners to make money, regardless of the value and user experience of a visit, the blind pursuit of this will only make themselves less and less room for growth, or even abandon your mind.

How to solve the search out of the high rate of

First of all we have to analyze why visitors leave your site, bounce rate is produced.
Here, for example, if I want a shirt, through the search engine and opened the three sites, the first opened and have not found it I want his shirt, I was in white suits, no doubt I will close this site then look at the second, found at the second site I want, of course, as consumers or potential customers like to shop around, and I also look at a third site, found The third site is better than the second layout, but also tell me what this shirt with a tie should also recommended a combination package deals. Of course, I will choose the third site to buy. In fact, before the Han Xiao optimization techniques in e-commerce sites are also mentioned.

Here we can see, search for bounce rate is the first second third, the second although the relatively low bounce rate, but still unable to complete the final sales tasks, that is, no conversion. Because to do better than his.

So how to reduce the bounce rate?

First, we generally understand by the example above, a customer's purchase process, first through a search engine to find the product you want, then shop around. These can be applied to the Web site up to the maximum lower bounce rate, are as follows:

1, to provide more products targeted visitors

If your site selling men's clothing, including shirt clothing, it is best to complete product designs, various colors are, and if not, do not pan key words in the rankings. Or you are selling services, such as to provide SEO services company, it is best to sub out. Such as Chinese SEO, English SEO, Keyword optimization, ranking and the whole station. Of course, it says here is e-commerce site, the skip, but they are similar.

2, site design should be friendly and

Simple, attractive design can effectively reduce the bounce rate, the friendly layout designed to allow users to easily find desired products, product promotion or increase of small gifts can effectively user stuck, eventually completed sales.

3, the rankings do target keywords

As mentioned above, the first point, do not do the Pan-ranking keywords to search for relevant, if you sell men's shirt, only a black shirt instead of white, then "T-shirt" is not your best keywords And you need to do is "Black Men's Shirt", so that when users search for when they will not immediately come off your site. Xiao Han before the keyword analysis and selection are also described in detail.

If you are interested in looking for a solution out of the high rate of search, I hope these ideas help to you, of course, if you have better suggestions, please message exchange.

Search engine included with the updated

Whether Baidu or Google, search engine algorithms and rules will change over time, the following search engines included with the updated reference only, do site or to make content-based because of the! 

Baidu updated - as a Webmaster, from search engine traffic website traffic is already an important part, so pay special attention to search engine updates, always want your own website in Baidu more and more Daily site, terrible trouble, we grasp what Baidu's about your time do not update the site every day. Baidu your great updated monthly on the 11th and 26, especially 26 to update the maximum rate, K is the highest point. Small Update: every Thursday. Updated all the time 4:00. General 4:00 updated impact on site traffic are not much to complain, only to noon, Baidu's keyword search on the site re-adjustment, can there be traffic on the major changes have increased the natural flow of nature have reduced. 

google your time - updated 4 days updated updated every seven days (top impact small) Great updated every month (top-impact) PR value update update completed 3 months time (September 20 updated and so on) because of different server update for the week GOOGLE total time one is included in two reptiles, reptile, reptiles are specifically included in this site useful. 

Another is to increase the rankings of reptiles, this reptile is a consolidated response to connect with the reptiles, and the stability of the rank and position is very important. Therefore, some new stations, at the beginning when your poor rating is not very good, it is because the first reason for reptiles, but the site lost do not worry, the real point to be ranked second in three months after the reptiles came to take effect. 

There is GOOGLE Google researchers have discovered a very simple way is to view several mirror sites GOOGLE is the same as in the GOOGLE update, he always or as updated test site, during the latter two sites the number of pages in the index and the main site will be different. For example, when we,, there is the case: three site search with a keyword, the number of results obtained is not the same, this description is GOOGLE update. 

GOOGLE this massive update in a foreign country known as GOOGLE DANCE (dog dancing), there is a special help us to check whether he is dancing site This site provides a tool Through this tool, we only need to enter a keyword and then click a button, you can see the GOOGLE search results for the three mirror sites, it is convenient for our comparison.

5 Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips

Need to focus on what the search engine work? London (Liam Scanlan) is the "efficient site 12 used: non-professional search engine optimization of primer" (The 12 Habits of Highly Effective Websites: A Primer on Search Engine Optimization for Non-Technical Executives) author of the book. He the founder of Internet consulting firm. He shared with us five simple search engine optimization tips. 

1. To find a good domain name. Scanlon suggested that, if the domain name associated with your product, it's better. "If you sell online, handmade dolls, but your domain name is, then this will not help the search engine." Do not forget you can register many domain names. In order to avoid the search engines ignore those who would link to the website domain name issue, the link directed to different pages, so visitors will be able to introduce site. This can help you improve search engine rankings. 

2. Note the title. Scanlon said that small businesses in search engine optimization process is most often committed the most serious mistake is to use the title or ignore incomplete title. He also said that most of the site is to use the traditional HTML editor to create hypertext, and it will not show weakness in Web site creation process. Insert page title in search engine search process, the easiest way to attract it, because search engines will search the title page of each site. Let us once again the event doll example, if you buy the doll buyers group orientation, then the page title as the "Barbie" than "p. 7" much better. 

Three. Use of key words. Yan. Laiensiji (Yan Lyansky) production and distribution company Downtube folding bike, with annual sales of 3 million U.S. dollars. His company's Web site by integrating all the key words, so that in Google search engine rankings up. "You can not once again use the 'folding bike' that words like that, people would not imagine what will happen," said 37-year-old Laiensiji. But the company still put the word into the product name, description, page title and all other consumers will not feel bored seeing the place. 

4. Contact us to be obvious. To prevent spam, some companies link their approach to the picture presented in a way that could have been avoided by some process Naqu add a new email address. This is a mistake, Scanlon said. "You should give your contact information on the Internet is obvious, especially if you want your website ranking up in a certain area." Xuanzewenzi file displayed in contact and made the email address link. 

5. More links. Your web site and other sites Links with the industry the more the higher your ranking, Scanlon said. Laiensiji by creating a web page, with his bike's characteristics and comparison of his competitors, and add on his competitor's website link, thereby strengthening his search results. He said: "When people search for my competitors, this page will help me greatly improve my page rank."

Site Map How to SEO optimization?

Site Map mean?
The site's navigation, article classification, "Your current location" and called the site navigation. In general Xia, many web design companies and the industry does not care about this project were, but this right here are concerned, Ke Yi Kuaisuliaojie entire site Jia Gou and classification, especially on Souxun engine. Sitemap purpose:

1. To tell visitors website's main content and functionality.

2. To tell visitors where their site location.

3. To tell visitors that they visited the page. Site pages visited, links become purple.

Site Map How to SEO optimization then?

1. If the more standard that all categories in accordance with the current site with the main topic, it is clearly the way through the display name link.

2. In the footer to add a line keyword, and point to the corresponding page. When your main keyword is not in site navigation, the use of the technique.

3. The article content should be required to add a link anchor text. 

Website Ranking SEO in the end how?

SEO Internet marketing proposals, efforts should be made about the direction of the three goals in the  keyword , the search engine rankings on the first page, preferably in the top three.  With long tail keywords, can give Web site by about 3 to 5 times the traffic. In order to improve website rankings and traffic increase, recommendations should be step by step to do the following:

1, thinking and understanding search engines search preferences page in the important concept of enhanced optimization.

2, expanding the scope of application extends keyword: You can use yahoo, google and other keyword reference tool.

3, to identify gaps in the existing site, and where the problems arise, especially in the existing SEO 's major flaw.

4, on the site to be a self-examination situation, including keyword density, keyword in the search engine ranking status, and the competition website keyword ranking, determine the right target keywords.

5, make system changes on the website, which must be the original page design to communicate, to understand the concept of SEO on the website structure adjustment, developing a detailed plan website.

6, first on the website within the local modification, first to address the most significant of several errors, such as site map does not do, not static pages, dead links very large, published articles ignored when setting the title and keywords, external links less, and the pages turn slowly and so on.

7, consult the customer site experience and feelings, go to enhance and modify the website content development, providing visitors with valuable information.

8, by means of a variety of market value-added brand value to the site to guide customers directly enter a URL or network name can reach the site, visit the Web site marketing to enhance the probability keyword. 

Website Optimization advantage

About Website Optimization SEO brief analysis of the advantages are as follows:

Value: If the top companies in the maintenance of a professional SEO may be an effective long-term, one year, two years or even forever. Effect of: site traffic upgrade browsers users increased, it can be learned by traffic analysis software, however, keyword ads are real users opinion. Costs of: ranking keyword advertising and advertising than the cheaper, keywords or PPC cost of online advertising is growing now, but SEO has an absolute advantage in comparison. Brand of: users brand loyalty, improve reliability. 

How to master the principles of web design

Web site design using HTML, you can control the design of the whole process.  But if you just new to website design, website set up you should be allowed to modify the HTML, looking for a device.  Another proposal to increase the latest news allows you to switch to WYSIWYG mode, so you are sent to the Web before the Web, preview your site.

If you want to be a website designer, and trying to build a website, then, establishment of the first should consider the site, including site functionality, and your users need. Your entire design should be carried out around these areas. Background color will also have some problems, may make pages difficult to read. You should stick with white background and black text, also should stick to common fonts.

You should have a clear website, telling visitors to your site can provide something for visitors to find what you want.  However, many designers have not done so.  Web site navigation bar and set up effective search tools make it easy to find useful information, this is a very important visitor, of course, more is the indispensable guide site, both for searchers and search engines, but often many web design company ignored. Tell your visitors exactly what they want to provide the information, if we had to put large images on the site, use the Thumbnails on the best software, the image of the narrow version of the preview is displayed, so users do not waste money and time to download the images they do not want to watch.

Some sites do not repeat the use of a large number of images but missed the opportunity to use better techniques. Jian Zhan template to create trademark, establishment many times a page template to use the same image is a good way, and once they are loaded, it will very quickly after reloading, animation and content to ensure relevance. They should be seamless and pages, rather than boring.

If the site set up on a sound or video, to ensure that the user through the use of a well-known software, be able to hear or see.  Many websites use QuickTime, RealPlay and Shockwave software. Because many visitors do not want to waste a lot of time and money to download the software may only be used once. Web sites may set up some useful websites and other links were made.  However, if there is a link to your website, be sure to check them regularly to ensure effective links. Linked sites may be many, but do not link to your site, regardless of content. 

Website on how to reduce the risk of SEO search engine ranking

Website aims to make its own web site to attract more users and keep visitors. Indeed improve website search engine 's performance is also very important website is also the original site in order to get better performance.

Many site managers in a number of search engine optimization forum or blog to explore the SEO issues, including a high proportion of the problem is the website will affect the site's current ranking. This is a more complicated issue, and some website will maintain the original position or after the rise, while some sites will disappear from the search engine inside. Website ranking and website of the magnitude, but also on whether the course and revision taking into account the issue of SEO search engine friendly.

Website for each site, each time to time, some will have the relevant departments will make this demand. Without taking into consideration the case of SEO, website only in accordance with the traditional design of the new version of the model type and process.

But if there is enough attention to SEO, that website needs to consider not only the adjustment of the page. Website itself is a good thing, hoping to bring a new page to the user a sense of vision and increase page views, to enhance customer loyalty and volume. Website at the same time need to deal with on the search engine index and preference issues not addressed in this regard is likely to lead to the loss due to website traffic and sales member to join the issue.

Modify and adjust the site content, page layout, had a good thing, but it may have overlooked SEO search engine keyword rankings lead to undesirable results.Website business or personal purposes if in addition to meeting other than the consumer, but also to satisfy the search engine, then early in the site structure, we need the logic to SEO the site planning, design, revision are designed around SEO Optimization site structure process, search engine keywords Distribution, Web page design, site layout and content classification and URL file names as URL naming and other issues. Because the website which led to lower search engine ranking website in the back, this part of the swap will not be able to avoid the resulting website traffic reduction, reduction of your page and the loss of members, etc..

Senior SEOER provide website experience, has the following suggestions for your reference:

1. To retain the old website
After on-line version of the site, for old site to the server for a certain period of time, and the new version of Web Interface to do a link to old to maintain the old page ranking.

2. Do not change the page URL in the site
Web site established rules, do not easily change. Can add new site rules, but try not to change to an existing Web site to adjust. If the original path of the page file name rule changes, then the search engines have included the website address, they will not find the page. This is of course the site is a very serious impact, at least make a new page corresponding to the original site to a good page ranking.

3. View the first web site page ranking in various search engines for SEO ranking
The front page ranking, needs careful handling. Do not delete the page or change the page URL URL of the page. What is more, even the content of the page, do not change easily change. To avoid affecting the performance of the existing position.

4. Sitemap try not to move
If the original site in the search engine to perform well, then this website which will not easily change the site structure. If the original site in the search engine's performance was bad, it needs to this website, the re-re-develop new process and structure of the website.

5. By SEO guide the search engine to speed up indexing new pages
After the official opening of new sites, so as soon as possible to the search engine spiders spider web site capture new information. How fast can do to search engine spiders visit, carried out through the following actions:

1, increase website external links, external links can not only emphasize the expansion of the number of quality need to also focus on sitemap Second, create and send XML Site Map sitemap By accelerating the speed of the search engine spiders visit, to shorten the transition website. Of course, the original page for new search engine is very popular in the SEO aspects are very helpful also.

6. Page 404-oriented
Website URL or less will lead to failure of some pages for a user-friendly Web site design 404 page not found in the pages of the guide, to reduce the user experience and reduce page can not access the situation. SEO also requires the maintenance of effective links and avoid broken links exist. 

The cost of external links

To meet diversified customer service, home technology  and foreign large-scale site characteristics and technological exchanges and cooperation, to provide rental services, external links, the company only for the PR value of 5 to 7 sites do {Home} link, do not use hidden links approach to to avoid in the future after the search engine aware of a black block, the following instructions and are as follows:

1. The site has been set up with the site completed.

2.The web site address can not be transferred mode.

3.An external link to site link to a site with only keywords .

4.PR value of 5:2000 / month  PR value of 6:3000 / month   PR value of 7:3500 / month .

5. After the two sides must first determine the amount remitted Home Technology account, the day of operation can be confirmed.

6. This way the external links means for a single month billing, but before the contract expires on the 5th to decide whether the contract and told, three days before the completion of transfer action.

7. If after the contract termination, then the fee would be required for Canada.

8. In addition, the Company does not provide links to the Department website optimization, ranking programs, reports, and ranking services to ensure ....

Description: The company original keyword ranking customers, have to do a number of external links, but no additional separate billing.

FireFox - Website Optimization - Gadgets

At present, after the company pushed the eGroupWare and found in fact to use FireFox  or the better view, many of the features in IE has become under the strange, of course, in FireFox use eGroupWare is a strange place, but overall, FireFox more suitable than IE to see eGroupWare. With a period of time, found that FireFox and IE really is a big difference, emphasizing the standards to Fanzhi IE's "non-standard", But the result yes, some Web designers a standard way Zuo, FireFox see no problem, but not work under IE, or some non-standard way of designers to make IE into the next IE OK, but FireFox not work.

A simple example:
In the HTML img TAG, in addition to the URL you can specify image file, the you can use alt to specify when the image file does not exist to specify the alt text to display the map. Put the alt in IE, show this map brought Popup Tooltips prompt text, many designers find that IE has this feature, the map will join the alt to provide such an effect.

 However, the "standard" specification, alt image file does not exist only to replace text messages, so in FireFox, so that the "effect" disappeared. That if such an effect would also like to how to make to achieve the "standard" in the FireFox effective?  Standard is necessary to add the img TAG title to specify the text messages, as the prompt text. For FireFox users, you can use extensions Popup alt  Attributes /xul/_popupalt.html.en see only alt of the image file.

For Web developers, the best alt and title are provided to meet the IE and FireFox. Today looked eGroupWare output pages, in part of images, it also provides Oh alt and title. FireFox and IE is just standard and non-standard one small difference, other differences should be also a lot of good use of alt and title, for Website Optimization of keyword ranking is a very significant effect, but not to each Note the description are the same, which cheating with the keyword method is no different. 

15 principles of web design

In addition to the price determinants of web page design, but also to note the following 15 principles Oh!

1. Need to have the navigation

2. In graphics files to use less pages

3 do not form large-scale use

4. To prevent the misuse of advanced technology

5. Page location must be clearly marked

6. Do not appear too long pages

7. Page color and brightness to coordinate

8. Timely clean up obsolete information

9. Fast download time

10. Content to meet Web requirements

11. Do not use no correlation graph

12. Fair use scrolling marquee, change the select box and the continuous animation

13. To maintain the effectiveness of link

14. To provide contact telephone numbers and addresses

15. To reduce the preparation and grammatical errors

The design of the site there are some common indicators, main page download time (at different rates Modem case), there are no invalid links, spelling errors, the adaptability of different browsers, the extent of the search engine-friendly (META tag reasonable or not) and so on. The following is a general website evaluation criteria.

Popularity: site traffic increases or decreases according to the degree.
Interaction: interaction between owners and users are sufficiently complete.
Content: the content of each unit complete, not a percentage of the degree to complete the case.

Layout: the best sites have their own style, layout uniformity principle.
Architecture: architecture complete, link will not produce an error (page not found, the case can not display web pages)

Color: enabling visitors to be able to comfortably visit the website, clearly comfortable with the word color, background simple, do not fancy the principle.

Speed: browsing speed good, not easy when the machine fast enough to read a page, image file is also fast enough to read.

Overall: According to site specific features (including: ASP, CGI, PHP, JAVA, etc.) for the site score. 

Website set up CSS layouts attention to item 10

Site under construction web design is an important part, which affect web design CSS layout is the main reason for good or bad, because many of our people for the CSS layout is not fully understood, often ready-made CSS layouts apply today Here we come to a simple check of several effective methods to debug CSS layout.

1. Check CSS is written correctly: check whether the spelling mistakes, forgotten at the end of the) and so on. CSS can be used CleanCSS to check the spelling errors. CleanCSS The CSS is a tool to lose weight, but also can check out the spelling error.

2. Check whether there is an error with the HTML element end tag: Even the old hands are often mistaken div nested relations can be used dreamweaver a validation check for errors.

3. Using border attribute characteristics to determine the layout of error element: What would you like the layout using the float attribute error. Then add a border attribute for the element to determine the boundary elements, error reason is get to the bottom.

4. With the delete method to determine the location of the error occurs: If the error affected the overall layout, you can remove the div-by-block, remove a div block until return to normal after the show, you can determine the location of the error occurred.

5. Float element of the parent element can not specify the clear property: MacIE float if the elements under the parent element using the clear property, the layout element will float around the chaos. This is the famous MacIE bug, do not know if it will sometime.

6. Float element must specify the width property: Many browsers display width of the float element is not specified, there will be bug. So no matter what the contents of float elements, we must assign a width attribute. Also try to use the specified element do em units instead of px.

7. Float element can not specify margin and padding and other properties: IE is specified in the display margin and padding of the float elements are bug. So do not specify the margin on the float and padding properties of elements (can be nested inside a div float element to set the margin and padding). Can also use the hack method to specify the particular value of IE.

8. Float element width and to less than 100%: If the width of float elements, and exactly 100%, some of the older browser will not display properly. Therefore, please ensure that the width is less than the sum of 99%.

9. Forgotten to write DT D: If the adjustment no matter how different browsers display the same results or not, you can check the page at the beginning is not forget to write DTD

10. Whether to reset the default styles: Some properties such as margin, padding and so on, different browsers have different interpretations. So the best first of all before the development of the margin, padding set to 0, the list style set to none other.

Keyword analysis on the ranking of the four factors

Keyword analysis approach is taken in the critical analysis of data re-use the site to get search engine rankings Jiyu the first factor, select the keywords the same time to determine whether that term referred to the web site will bring real a kind of benefit. The Keyword Analysis place is you out of the first search engine marketing, keyword analysis aims to determine the content of your site do the demands of the suitability of the search.

Keyword analysis approach is taken from The critical analysis of data re-utilize the Wang Zhan, Congerdedao search engine rankings for the first factor Ji Yu, Xuan Ze keywords also have a web site to the Web site Panding whether the term of one kind of benefit Dailaizhenzheng. The Keyword Analysis place is out of search engine marketing, you first analyze the purpose of the term to determine your site content is made a requirement for visitors. Which the analysis of keywords also need to pay attention to four factors :

Keywords targeted:
Keyword selection is an important decision thematic index site. But also the most subjective point of view, it seems to target items for the center, in the major search engines to target even more concentrated, for the sale of your main reference points in the product. Is shown here: You are in Guangdong cosmetics business, but search engine users search out more of them may be: Guangdong's largest cosmetics businesses. Or is the largest wholesale cosmetics business in Guangdong to get results, will be the key word before you plan to exceed 400% of visitors.

Key words meaning:
General users use search when they are using that method? Is a unique word or words in the traditional used? For example: after they enter into search engines: phone, cell phone batteries. Or the word is divided into: cell phone batteries, cell phone battery again or website? The words they use often with the traditional key words and phrases into key words with the. As: Bird cell phone battery site, etc ... ..., then the verb, the traditional words, nouns, adjectives that they want as their on top of it? With reality, statistics from your web site to filter out key words a third party to carry out their sentence listed the most common typical sentences are key words to decompose the final!

Keyword Competition:
Competitive strength of key words also proved that you have selected the industry or service is more of an industry boom, then the face of such strong industry. There are certainly many competitors. In general there is competition among key words or key phrases will have produced three factors:

1. In search engine results out of careful observation of the first page there is no sponsorship on the home, if there is careful to observe the connection down with his theme of descriptors, the descriptors are also equipped with a high heavy weights.
 2. In the first page of search engines list your competitors ranking from 7-10 bit version of the site itself to observe the keywords and description, to selected you feel competitive rivals.
3. If you search the results pages when displayed in the display tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of your results then competitive intensity is lower, if the search results out of several million or tens of millions of results, then the Key words for the high.

Keywords epidemic:
Key words of the epidemic is another one of the words the phrase or the analysis is often to find out. The importance of the results of its data, analysis of key words in the search engine optimization period begins will often point to this factor as important. A keyword targeted more important is to play in any sector. Key words of the epidemic is a combination of targeted online marketing. 

Site keyword ranking must be done Home link?

Home page for any site, it is the core of a website page, a site showing the whole essence of the content of the page, the user can see the first page. Appears in the search engine, home is the highest proportion of the entire site has so many  SEO  for it, for customers  keyword ranking , think about it, on the order page optimization-based La! Really need it?

In fact, SEO development stage, with the search engines constantly change the algorithms in a little, home science and technology that may be at the weight is not a very important position Zhanzhao, some new to SEO novice holding the Internet every day SEO who were teaching, the weight of carrying in, the weight of the / abc, / abc significant at power .com / abc.html, of course, this is just theory, based on a reference only, all, or from reality.

Home has its own unique weight advantage - advantage of the external links, the advantages of rich content, site navigation and function of each part are also the essence of the home page comes up, but also take into account other aspects of this web site a comprehensive reflection. But it is these advantages will enable home produced a great disadvantage.

For the SEO to say, a page keyword maximum not more than five, home science and technology started to say this is one look and had no serious effort to comprehend, but to do a few SEO by recent cases, especially after this business stand Relatively few species of the content itself, the specific type of site, reflected in this statement is particularly evident, when a page, even the home, to do more than 3 key words, it is very smooth, and why? Is bad because the page related issues, simply for the keyword density of page generally too low, most of the majority of pictures or animations.

If you give up a home page optimization, although the page the keyword into a lower weight, but extremely relevant part that corresponds to the product page to focus on key words related pages and content articles on keyword density, and the page related to convergence of the optimization, together with appropriate external links, and keywords may be in the top speed on the overall ranking, are made up with the home had no effect. Corporate products general keywords included in google first page that the first update that page directly into the first page, which in addition to optimization of technologies, of course, a little bit of luck Hello.

SEO is ongoing accumulation of information should come and try to experience, just access to SEO beginners should probably go read it twice. Have an understanding, but the search engines constantly change, some factors may be ineffective in changing gradually, and SEO is a very strong practical skills, so, home science and technology Internet marketing 's recommendations, theoretical only as a website ranking reference, all from the site itself needs and actual conditions.

Simple SEO optimization techniques to improve your website keyword ranking

Set up site  's purpose is to make it easy for others to find you, in order to achieve the basic purpose of a website. But in about 10 billion site, a site in search engine rankings discharged to go beyond the third page, then the basic no effect at all on, and then how to do front,  home science and technology  although doing  SEO is not long, but is willing to share their experience, for your reference.

1. Interoperability between Web pages to the site within the link.

2. And more to make good use of page tags, this very effect. But also the most important.

3. To make use of static pages, because search engines like static pages.

4. Do not attempt to cheat to deceive search engines, it may be worth the candle.

5. To make a page must be useful to consider what keywords . (Long tail keywords that extends keyword La!)

6. First of all, your site to locate a good, clear what his own website, provide what kind of crowd. Mentioned here is the choice of keywords is ranked the No. 1 factor. Choose the wrong keywords may lead to duplication of efforts, despite the keyword rankings in the first place but can not raise revenue.

7. To schedule site, directory and file structure. A clear structure in your site works well in GOOGLE. Mentioned here is the site structure, a good site structure allows the search engine on your site like a plus.

8. Each file must have a title and content related.Site content mentioned here, after all, is the ranking based on site content.

9. More to promote their own website, where the promotion does not mean charges can be more exchange links, increase in external links .

10. Web site to have the actual content, network really hard to do, make people feel web browsing really useful, of course, search engines will notice your site is operating. After all, search engine technology is designed by people out.

Friday, August 13, 2010

How to convert Flash SWF player iPod, SWF to iPod Converter to use?

Which do not support the iPod format?
Currently, support for audio formats AAC format, iPod, Apple Lossless, MP3 player, MP3 playback variable bit rate (VBR), WAV and AIFF formats, and supports video formats H.264 and MPEG - 4 (simple mode).

Therefore, we can not play SWF files in iPod directly on the play, because it does not support the SWF file format. Try desert wild SWF to iPod Converter converts SWF movie exciting video format, iPod support! Download the converter software Moye SWF to iPodConverter from and install on your computer.

Enter Flash file to enable the software, you will get the following window, which is a single model of change. If you have only one file conversion, please continue to use it. If a lot, you can click "Switch to batch mode" tab in the upper left corner move to a single mode conversion.

Click the "browse", enter your flash files on your computer, click the "V" shape to immediately choose from behind, "from the folder", "From IE cache" and "Flash Projector", will be accompanied by a dialog box pops up Each preference. Among them, click the file name, it will automatically play, then click "OK." In the right pane are the properties of playing flash files. Click "Export" to export the settings to set.

Hint: Click "original" box set the background color. You can set the basic color or DIY color as the background color.

Click on "Original" button next to the "background color" set the background color, click on the "camera" icon to capture and save images as JPG, BMP, and THM format, click the "folder" icon, open the folder to save shooting the image file.

Click the box to export the settings under the "format" and the cascading drop-down list, choose your output file format, from it.

Click the "folder" in the "Export to" box to set the output destination, then click the "Find", the destination folder will pop up immediately.

Select the check box before the "Rip Audio", then extract the audio generated as a single document. Click to view the folder to the right of the audio destination folder, then click the "Find", the destination folder will pop up itself.

Click "Converter" tab menu change.

Note: Manual mode can help get better results and interaction, or the number of frames AScript control file.

Exchange If you select "always forward" conversion, then the process is the same, "batch mode" will be handled automatically. If you select "Manual Mode" conversion, the following window will pop up, you can follow the instruction above. Then the program will play the file for you to set start and end point of capture.

Convert Flash movie to iPod, MP4 is only a three-step process, and leaves what is encoded input to your beloved iPod iPod MP4 movie player and sit down to enjoy iTunes.

How to fix Frontpage.exe, the fastest way to solve it!

What is Frontpage.exe?

Frontpage.exe is a very important part of the Windows operating system. Frontpage.exe is an important process, the implementation of the DLL files and libraries located in their access to Windows system memory.  If there is anything wrong with Frontpage.exe your computer, then the computer may not run stable, it will be deathly slow.

Technology Frontpage.exe in the system directory: C: \ of Windows \ System32. If you find that the process of implementation and operation of any other suspicious sites, I suggest you scan your computer for complete anti-virus program. Because of this fish's behavior may be a virus or trojan. Some viruses disguise Frontpage.exe run attacks on your computer systems, stealing important  data, We classified these viruses masquerade name Frontpage.exe to Miroot. The Win32. Worms. Backdoor.Lastdoor And Trojan.

How to solve Frontpage.exe?

If Frontpage.exe or destroyed by the virus Frontpage.exe corrupted, accidentally deleted, I suggest you follow the instructions to repair Frontpage.exe error.

1) Copy and paste Frontpage.exe to find the correct directory in your system.

First, if you can not find a copy of the Frontpage.exe in this folder C: \ Windows \ system32, then please use the system's search function to find Frontpage.exe file on your computer. Must be transferred to another location error. After this, copy Frontpage.exe back to the correct folder C: \ windows \ system32.

Second, if you can not find a copy of the Frontpage.exe your entire computer, I suggest you copy the file from another computer that has the same version of the Windows operating system your computer problems. Of course, you can try to re-install the operating system and Frontpage.exe error will be resolved immediately. However, this method will waste your valuable time, may remove all data, if you have never backed up your files.

2) Download System Repair Tool Repair Frontpage.exe

In fact, this is an effective and easy way to solve the Frontpage.exe just a few clicks. Frontpage.exe errors may be due to an error in the system registry. System Repair Tool can repair not only Frontpage.exe but also help you detect and delete the Windows system errors on your computer the most. To prevent Frontpage.exe wrong, I strongly recommend that you download the best registry cleaning, protection and regular cleaning of the error.