Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to kill the virus than the LAN

First, how to judge a LAN poisoning

    1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys (three keys at the same time here), bring up windows task manager running processes view the system to identify not familiar with the process and note its name (which need experience), if the process is a virus If, in order to facilitate subsequent removal. For the time being not to terminate the process, because some viruses or illegal can not end this process may be. Click to view the CPU and memory performance of the current state, if closer to 100% CPU utilization or memory of the occupation of high value, then the possibility of poisoning the computer is 95%
    2. View the current start of windows service items, from "Control Panel" and "management tools" in open "service." C:\winnt \system32\explored.exe,Right-hand column to see the state as a "start" start type to "Automatic" line item; In general, the normal windows services, basically a description of the content (a small number of hackers or worms, except false), then double-click Open the problem that the service item to view its properties in the executable file path and name, if the name and path as C: \ winnt \ system32 \ explored.exe, computer trick.  One is the "control panel" can not open or go to the left of all the icons inside the middle of a vertical scroll bar, while the right side is blank, and then double-click Add / Remove Programs or management tool, the body is empty window, which are the characteristics of the virus file winhlpp32.exe attack.
    3. Run the registry editor, command regedit or regedt32, see all those programs together with the windows start. Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\MicroSoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Mainly to see the Hkey_Local_Machine \ Software \ MicroSoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run and RunOnce behind several other, view the form on the right of the key value, to see if the startup items illegal. WindowsXp msconfig WindowsXp run msconfig also played the same role. With the accumulation of experience, you can easily determine the start virus entry.
    4. Using the Internet to check the browser.,, mantec Norton2004 Spasm before the Gaobot virus, could be on, other sites, but can not access, such as, such well-known security vendor's website, install antivirus software can not access symantecNorton2004 upgrade.
    5. Unhide property, view the system folders winnt (windows) system32, if you open the folder is empty after that the computer has been poisoned; open the system32, you can sort by type on the icon to see there is no pandemic virus, the implementation of the file exists .Tasks,wins,drivers.By the way check the folder Tasks, wins, drivers. Present the implementation of some virus files on the refuge; drivers etc hosts file under the altered virus like object, it would have only 700 bytes or so, been tampered with since become 1Kb above, this is caused by general web access to the security vendors can not access the website, the famous anti-virus software can not upgrade the reason why.
    6. By the antivirus software to determine whether the poisoning, if the poisoning, anti-virus software will automatically terminate the virus program, and manually upgrade to fail. 

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    SEO's cheating ways

    1. Meta SPAM: in the  Meta  tag keywords repeated
    2. Doorway Page: establishment of deliberately deceiving the search engines page site with low points
    3. Repeat of keywords: In the article repeatedly or deliberately keyword Hide
    4. A large number of improper link: In order to increase the link, link farms from the large number of Links to websites, to improve website Ranking
    5. Transparent Hidden text or keywords: Users do not see a Web page keywords, designed for a search Engine to increase keyword density

    What is SEO

    SEO search engine high quality, all named "Search Engine Optimization", the  term is due to the interactive Web site and search engine generated, the main purpose is to adjust the site to meet the requirements of the search engines, and in the search for a specific search engine keywords, can get the best search data sorting, simple, means that website how to design or adjust allows users to enter specific keywords to find the time most Youxian to your site, increase exposure of their website and customers volume, website SEO Actually, the ultimate purpose of your site's ranking!

    SEO is not a program, SEO is not software, it is only a concept, if successful allow Web site in search engine ranking on the search rankings can be called the best SEO, so SEO is also divided into legal and non-legal, SEO since it is the concept of , all in the implementation of the practices are absolutely not static, because the search engine's search mechanism will be updated at any time change,
    so, "observed" is to produce SEO best way of new technology, the Internet has promise of SEO articles, I believe Many sites rank for interested readers should have read it should try and SEO of websites, but will get the same result should be that, like some sites can, some sites will not, in fact it is quite normal situation, as discussed in the online articles are

    usually only teach you how to quickly position or Paiming basic concepts, often overlooked factor in the value of search engine changes, there are other factors of website ranking, so less subtle of these SEO elements, site ranking of natural result greatly reduced, so some people will say SEO is a lie no effect, is not true.

    SEO meet the basic criteria = site content search engine keyword demand

    This is the most basic SEO guidelines, affecting site ranking the more important factors include additional sites

    site is the number of search engines included

    Website Traffic

    Number of sites to be linked

    The number of external links Website

    The first step is the so-called SEO's first transformation from the site itself to do, of course, not every site can be achieved through  the transformation of SEO and for some sites may need to make in order to meet the basic requirements of SEO, web site design patterns and therefore website ranking is a direct injury. Some sites have no way to re-create SEO, because when the site does not take into account in setting up the theme and keyword matching, resulting in forced SEO if site, this site may change in style or content is very in tune, browse the site but they would stay with the decline in site traffic, so the best initial website design website themes and keywords first set completed, causing sites to avoid future difficulties of SEO to upgrade.

    Practical skills in this area follow the mode of thinking:

    1. Web site may be the main product derived from the first list of keywords needs.
    2. Site keywords relevant details of the text, and the process can be mentioned in the description of keywords and keyword can not appear too much nor too little proportion of the proposed rate keyword appears 10 to 15 times more appropriate.
    3. Website should be designed to continue to add keywords related to the functions of project documents.
    4. If you want both beautiful and useful website ranking website can be divided into multiple blocks, you can have Flash and image, but also a text area, as well as ways to cut Frames do not use page layout, the proposed label with Table more appropriate to split the page.

    The six steps to SEO

    Search engine optimization SEO What are the steps or links in general?
    SEO is not simply a few tips or a few suggestions, but a need for adequate mental patient and meticulous to the idea of a complicated project. SEO consists of six components:
    1. Keyword analysis (sometimes called keywords positioning) This is for the most important part of SEO, Keyword Analysis, including: Key words attention capacity analysis, competitor analysis, keyword analysis and web-related, keyword layout, keyword ranking prediction.
    2. Web directory and page optimization SEO is not just for web page rankings in search engines are good, but more importantly is to have each page of the site to bring traffic.
    3. Site Framework Analysis Site structure consistent with the search engine 's crawler preferences are conducive to SEO. Site architecture analysis, including: removing bad site structure design, implementation, tree structure, navigation and link optimization.
    4. And the search engine dialogue SEO in the search engines to see the effect, through the site: your domain name, know your site and updates. To achieve better dialogue with the search engines, recommend Google Webmaster Tools .
    5. Web Traffic Analysis Site traffic analysis results from SEO to modify and adjust the next SEO strategy, while the search engine results have real significance. Google traffic analysis tools recommended.SEO is the process of the six links in cycles, and only carried out continuously for more than six links to your site to ensure that the search engines have good performance.
    6. Content distribution and link layout Search engines like a regular website content updates, the reasonable arrangement SEO website content publishing schedule is one of the important skills. Put the link within the site layout conditioning together, and allow search engines understand the importance of each page and key words , the implementation of the first point of reference is the keyword arrangement, users will  also cited the same increase in external links La.

    Black hat SEO methods

    Consists of: waste index and cover-up

    Waste Index (Spamdexing) refers to technologies through deception and abuse of search algorithms to promote irrelevant, mainly business-oriented website. Many search engine administrators consider that any search engine optimization form, which aims to improve the site's page ranking who are garbage index. However, over time, the industry developed a public opinion which is what is not acceptable for a station search engine rankings and traffic results means.

    Because search engines operate in a highly automated, site members can often use some search engines have not been recognized means, and methods to promote the rankings. These methods often unnoticed unless the search engine employees visit the site and noted unusual activity, or ranking algorithms on the site lead to loss of a small change in the past obtained a high ranking. Sometimes some companies hire consultants assess the competitor's site optimization, and "immoral" to search engine optimization report.

    Waste index often legitimate, are not involved in search engine optimization techniques to deceive confuse. Refuse to focus on to the site index to get more exposure, not their use of key words, which led to unsatisfactory search results; In contrast, optimizing the focus on the ranking they want, based on a specific target keywords ; This led to a satisfactory search experience. When these bad rubbish index was found, the search engine will be of those found to optimize the use immoral means to take action. In February 2006, Google removed the BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany station station, because they used these methods.

    Camouflage (cloaking) is simply, webmasters with two different version of the page to achieve optimal results. A version only for search engines to see a version of the posters. Search engines that this is not normal, if found, the site will always be from the search engine was removed from the list.

    Keywords secret word (hidden text with keyword stuffing) is another way to deceive search engines.  Usually refers to the set key words of the same color and page background colors, or through the css hidden attribute (hidden characteristics) to achieve optimal results. Once Google found this, also suffered from the site removed from Google's database.

    White hat SEO methods

    Search engine optimization white hat methods include search engine which follow acceptable guidelines for what can not be accepted.  Their recommendations are generally for the user to create content, rather than the search engines is to make the content easy to spider robots index, and does not try to play tricks on the search engine system.    Regular site members to build their website design or committed a fatal error, omission to "poison" so the station does not rank very well. 

    Members of white hat optimization methods attempt to find and correct mistakes, such machines can not read the menu, broken links, temporary change in direction, guidance or shoddy structures. Because search engines are text-centric, and many contribute to the affinity of the same page means the same to facilitate search engine optimization.
    These include optimizing graphical content, including ALT attributes, and add text description. Flash animation can be designed even when the page content, including alternative This should have been used to visitors can not read the Flash environment used to help optimize.

    Here are some search engines that the appropriate method:
    In the Web page to increase the amount of original content.
    In the page with a short, unique, and related titles.

    use of reasonable size, an accurate description of the mark, rather than excessive use of keywords or terms are not relevant headings. edit Web pages using the page replacement of specific terms relevant to the subject hidden words. This helps the station's audience demand, the search engine on the search was properly directed to the station. sure all pages can be accessed through the normal links, not only through Java, JavaScript or Macromedia Flash applications to access. This can be through the use of an exclusive list of the station to reach all the content pages (site map sitemap) develop links through natural methods: Google is not a lot of effort in this guide on a little confusing. Write a mail to the site members, tell him you've just posted a very good article, and request a link, this is probably very likely recognized by the search engines.

    Turn a new window pops up for SEO count cheating?

    Pop is the web page automatically pops up new window to run the ad page. This is subject to interest advertisers, Tempted, a business of practice, But such approaches are the viewer whether to accept, Jiuhui vary, we Youshi on some of Wang Ye, Zong Youbuxiangguan a page out of, that Zhe scenarios. Without the relevant page is to use tags or JavaScript functions to display the move. Add a page turning feature may be used as Doorway Pages-Doorway pages and included in the SEO ranks of cheating. 

    Doorway pages only to deceive the user, but also to deceive the search engine, can only say that once out investigation, punishment is severe. Cloaking With the bridge pages similar to the one cheating cheating way: Cloaking-camouflage Cover-up is the background on the site, the use of original ways to accumulate a large number of relevant key words , an attempt to obscure or transfer of other people's attention to not see the truth way. 

    Some SEO firms produced on a particular page two versions, so that search engines and visitors were content to see different pages, search engines crawl this page, access is simply to optimize the organization of the content of certain keywords, The web browser that the world is an entirely different content. If the SEO ranking companies in this way, are generally understanding and knowledge of the SEO is not clear enough, or the ability, still at the early immature stages of the search engine, Cloaking-camouflage is a typical SEO cheat the search engines will soon recognize on site severely punished.

    How to analyze competitors SEO

    Good site for keyword ranking, the correct analysis of competitors, in the whole search engine optimization projects, is a more important aspect. How to find the weak links in the competition, the right to know their strengths, such analysis can give SEO a good competitive situation, in fact, the entire research process to implement a major project for the SEO value, you can analyze the opponent's strengths, how These strengths have been used for the absorption and increase website traffic, websites have their own weaknesses, to establish a catch-up target than the first one to how to maintain easy.

    SEO analysis of competitors generally in the following ways:

    • Article Content
    • Map out effect
    • Whois Information
    • Use a variety of js files
    • Website robot.txt file
    • The importance of evaluation within the industry
    • The number and quality of external links
    • Web site content updates in each column strength
    • Web site with more relevant comparison
    • Text background, site structure frame, style sheet
    • Home and other related pages, directory depth
    • Simulation Spider (Web crawler) capture the effect of
    • Google's PageRank rating, Alexa ranking
    • Web site content in text, the language of effective customer conversion rates
    • The performance of various search engines, such as: your page, the page display rate, keyword ranking , etc.
    • Keywords efficiency, such as: keywords appear locations, keywords frequency, keywords phrase of choice

    SEO project implementation, it is very cumbersome and complicated thing, in terms of SEO for the process, need to have good strategies and methods to guide the implementation of the project must also consider the overall situation, to find balance. More analysis of the final ranking of the site search engine optimization results better.

    8 SEO Questions and Answers

    Search engine optimization (Search  Engine  Optimization),  also known as search engine optimization, referred to as SEO , this is a general term abroad, this country will be mostly called SEO is basically the same industry, the domestic legitimacy of the claim should " website optimization , "" natural search arranged "," Website Optimizer "," Internet rankings , "and so on. This is more popular in recent years, network marketing, the main objective is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. However, when SEO is important to note the following points:

    1. The domain name on the impact of SEO : In fact, through the SEO the keywords , we can Yahoo or Google's natural search rankings found that almost home page  rankings, are in the domain containing this keyword, and even some Web sites in terms of site updates, articles, content and  creativity pr value, external links, etc. are not very distinctive, you can still take home this keyword in the SEO position, which although very helpless and unfair, but can only obey the rules of search engines, as well as acceptance of the viewer. Therefore, the ranking of domain names for websites share, I would experience and observation for at least cover 50% of the share, so if your site is set up the domain name before the event can not be ignored, which is important to the company name are the same .
    2. The search engine does not your website : In general, the site did not breach the page is normal will be included in the. Not included is often the site itself, such as the station's collection, SEO rigging. If your site is not included, you can log look. Web hosting space is one of the reasons of instability and, finally, reason, few people noticed that the website, the new site not yet included.
    3. SEO the most important issues : Search engine should be more biased in favor of the development of content-related, professional assessment and judgments.  Home Technology Internet marketing recommendations: SEO have to do keyword analysis, website content editing and updated regularly. For a really professional people, the focus of the site's original contents inside.
    4. The fastest way to improve rankings : Cheating ways with a time of rapid increase in ranks. But cheating is not recommended because: cheating lead to blocked opportunity is very large, it costs a lot. Cheating led to the development of the whole SEO industry vicious, because the search experience for users will be worse and resentment on the SEO industry. Therefore, there is no shortcut SEO is more to observe, more updated website, and more consumers like the article published.
    5. The search engines your site time : In fact, one can say about this issue, some sites require less than a month, some faster as long as the issue of joint resistance, depending on whether the site must be regularly updated regularly published original articles, links, etc. The more friendship will affect and improve these problems.
    6. The site contains fewer of the : Here refers to your own website page, if it is suddenly like this, under normal circumstances, a few days will resume. But if your site content is the full collection, and that is search engine remove repetitive content.
    7. SEO from there : Through home technology website, the SEO tips and information exchange, to make good use of and observe, to learn the basic simple code can be read can do SEO. Generally, we recommend beginners learn the basics of SEO mode of operation such as: Key words positioning, keyword analysis, writing, etc. tags. In three months, observe their own web sites rankings in search engines, the appropriate adjustment keywords and articles is not difficult to get some amazing results.
    8. SEO and Future Prospects : SEO will become the mainstream of Internet marketing the most important, because in addition to site optimization can help more convenient variety of browsers, home science and technology is very optimistic about the prospects for the industry. The current situation, major sites such as B2B industry websites, B2C e-commerce site SEO demand is strong. SEO is more from the bad economy, the contrary, the more sluggish economy of the Internet marketing needs of the relative increase and will increase.

    Who says SEO is the secret to tell you that Internet Marketing Home Technology

    General for the website ranking of the customer contact  SEO  company, once asked how the site exposure in the search engine "Home" is often the answer is "This is a secret," In fact, this is the wrong concept. SEO The more this argument is often said that this Internet marketing company, whether pattern, attitude, expertise, deep need to be strengthened and tested, because to really understand SEO In fact, not difficult, as long as the lot of searching knowledge and information, and to try and observation can, at present every SEO company grow like this, that I ask what are the secret there?Now Welcome to the Home technology internet marketing web site, let us SEO SEO related information among research and learning, because "know how to share, no gains!"

    SEO search engine optimization concepts rule 35

    How to SEO Web Site Optimization and enhance keyword ranking , has become the site after the foundation and build essential work, home science and technology Internet marketing in this shared experience and the experience of the following viewers.

    1. SEO  is not master, only novices and veterans.
    2. The purpose of SEO is to apply proficient.
    3. Site is not a good user experience, SEO is not a panacea.
    4. First understand the characteristics of search engines, SEO will do more with less.
    5. The most effective way to practice and case studies in the SEO to learn SEO.
    6. Select an optimal site management system will save a good number of SEO work.
    7. The basis of the content is SEO, keywords are the core of SEO, link is the key to SEO.
    8. SEO is the same well site, SEO done well have all the different sites.
    9. To become a SEO who must first understand Google, Yahoo, Baidu and other search engine features.
    10. SEO must have 10 hearts: patience, determination, careful, cautious, cruel, attentive, concerned, talk, conscience, favor.
    11. Careful analysis of a well site SEO is better than no destinations to see 100 SEO articles.
    12. SEO knowledge to learn, SEO ability to train, SEO experience to accumulate, SEO to cultivate intuition.
    13. SEO done well to bring traffic to, UEO done well to retain traffic and conversion.
    14. SEO is sometimes as simple mathematical formula, it is easy to understand, but the actual theory Quenan found.
    15. Internet marketing is essentially marketing, SEO is an Internet marketing in. Therefore, do not for SEO and SEO, and marketing should be conducted to SEO.
    16. Website Optimization SEO, SEO keyword optimized web page does not mean that highly skilled, because they have enough scores SEO website in the first three pages.
    17. When we have done the website is almost within the SEO, the last success is who, and the number of high quality backlinks more.
    18. Only the basic principles of SEO, no fixed tactics, only change is constant. A station can do, does not mean that your station can do.
    19. Published every 10 days rather an own article, do not want to copy 10 articles a day and leave.
    20. Over-reliance on tactical people, sooner or later complained that not enough precision weapons.
    21. Sharing of experience is the best marketing, non-advertising is the best advertising.
    22. Do not care how simple a website started a genius is acquired through hard work and learning.
    23. SEO first learn to respect the search engines.
    24. SEO is not only observe the position, you must search traffic and conversion rate.
    25. Patience in the SEO field is the most sweet harvest.
    26. If the SEO can write one million words, for people who do not know SEO can only sell 100.
    27. Good intentions pain: shooting itself in the foot, know how to undermine the will know how to build.
    28. If we all SEO, but everyone doing, who discharged to front of?
    29. SEO Theory to understand the more you gain less, SEO is most important is accumulating experience in the practice.
    30. Do not believe some claim to be SEO experts up one industry, then how can it not the search engine engineers God.
    31. Do not watch too much of SEO book, and most are only formal theory. The practice is not sufficient, many theories will delay your focus.
    32. SEO experts say: do your website, the user likes, of course, search engines also like, if only to cater to the practice of search engine, search engine but is more taboo.
    33. SEO discovered the real effect of a few more people who sneak in that money. Some of the holes because it was quickly search company found to be filled later became the object of widespread us.
    34. Learning SEO is a continuous net, revenue fish, do not you focus on the site out to cast nets.
    35. Top SEO experts say: do something with a link to your peers is the best SEO. Nothing else Do not move, do not take care of  SEO is a classic.

    Computer or to the future, "the wind blows" will be smaller more powerful

    According to the BBC website 23 reported that two British scientists are on the human brain cell communication behavior studies that both hardware and software to develop the future of the computer. Scientists say, the work of nerve cells may Kuaicu Jin Yuan Li and Sheng Yin computer vision processing functions progress, which means that its future computer may be able, "the wind blows", not just about compliance with sensors made instructions.

    The next generation of computer or have feelings University of Plymouth Thomas million Neikes computer experts are trying to simulate a team of communication in the brain play an important role in the nerve cells of the specific physiological characteristics to build the future of the computer.
    Early work of the project is mainly to collect in the brain nerve cells and how they communicate with each other relevant data. Currently, researchers are studying the brain responsible for visual, auditory cortex in the brain related to nerve cells. The team has established a very detailed model of the visual cortex, and the characteristics of these micro-circuits have been studied. 

    Researchers hope this study has not only developed a memory, can be decided by the "smart devices" can be developed on the computer neural network benefit.

    10000 Neikes said the next generation of computers based on this technology and may even have feelings, "before the computer will be completely different."Little more powerful computer will be more coming When 10 000 Neikes team is taken great care of the software simulation, scientists at the University of Manchester in the use of get inspiration from the nerve cells create new computer hardware.

    Spinnaker)", the project aims to create a post-optimized to run the computer as the same organism. Furber's Spinnaker Arm  system has eight processors, each processor can run about 1,000 nerve cell model. They want to simulate the biological field events this simulation will help to develop more innovative computer processing system, while allowing scientists a deeper understanding of how many calculations to better connect between the components together.

    Next, the researchers also intend to design a processor, with 18 Arm chip, which will have 16 chips is used to simulate the working principle of nerve cells, now the project has entered the final push. Furber said their ultimate goal is to develop a system that has one million ARM processor-based systems, capable of one billion nerve cells control.

     Furber said that at present the computer industry on how best to play all the computing device is still lack of understanding of the effect.  One big problem is that scientists do not know how to coordinate the work between processors to enable these processors "make the best use." Therefore, we can say that the computer industry's future development is parallel. As the technology develops further, the future will become smaller and smaller single processor, power consumption will be less and less, and even to some extent can self-assemble, Spinnaker will allow future computers smaller and more powerful. This would "change the computer industry rules of the game."

    Blog seo factors are not suitable

    Taiwan blog, generally to Yahoo, anonymous, the sky as the main majority, many small businesses to save costs, will set up a blog in these areas that can be the same as other sites, to start planning for network marketing business Basically, the idea is very dangerous, not all blogs are unable to reach the search engine's home page, but must understand the limitations and characteristics of blogs.

    Blog benefits:

    1. Free Website
    2. Free space
    3. Pictures and fonts can be freely modified
    4. Admin interface to facilitate operation
    5. Functional stronger
    6. Upload multiple pictures at once
    Blog Disadvantages:

    1. Can not modify the original
    2. Not conducive to search engine SEO rankings "below Details "
    3. Web site for non-permanent, with the industry vulnerable to prosecution and the station's closure and remove
    4. Non-corporate image
    5.  Functional restrictions, such as online shopping or credit card so can not demand
    Advantage of this little blog to explain our analysis, home technology only to analyze and explain its shortcomings, so that consumers self-assessment and analysis!  Blog set up to do for the keyword SEO rankings, in fact, a very high degree of difficulty and condition, its causes are the following factors:

    Blogs are for general portal to do their own exposure, such as the one you set up your Yahoo or anonymous blog, in fact, no need to worry when you can search Yahoo search engines record the problem, a quick week, those slow month, Yahoo could find you blog page.  However, GOOGLE to search record, then it takes a waste of effort and time, and I also set off BLOGSPOT, try not to do this blog any external links, GOOGLE to find some less than ten days, but Yahoo has so at least more than eight months, that is, do not search record, which is jealous peers with the same purpose of.

    Not in accordance with the format of any tribal SEO business requirements and criteria to adjust the original, this is the common characteristics of each blog, of course, worry about you changes, there is the problem of course is to increase their manpower and operating distress La, because it's free blog, so I have no right to demand anything. Secondly, the consumer must be a question of good ideas, in fact, will normally be a blog set up Web sites, mostly based on feelings and almost diary to share, where there is food, tourist attractions, boutiques ... and so on.

    To companies, the increase is used as an external link to the original site SEO ranking. However, as long as there is to do with the industry found that the external links or the sites have a product price, then it will be the blog reported the light were lucky, blog Duigai blocked account which can not be entered, in serious cases will completely delete the entire blog Close, it is very belching in the. Recently one of my blog the sky is the case, although the letter claimed that the sky customer service, this is a commercial advertisement, to prohibit ways to link, but I ask that you do Why not delete the links to other blogs, or simply just change the code within the code, can not do links not be completely resolved this problem.

    I know that for the same industry, but after all this is just a blog. Home There are thousands of technology in mainland China, 10,000 blogs and forums, if they have nothing to do every day, then 11 to Report it! The same, my clients also in a good set up Yahoo travel blogs, completely are without any external links, but because the price of goods Texing to mark tourism, has suffered with the industry Report, Yahoo, so the blockade, protest is almost ineffective, You can only say to them, can not display prices, it can ask them all in the blog are the actors, one by one to delete and block it! They will not do because you delete a blog is only a consumer, not from any negative effects, but if you have to delete in accordance with this standard, then addition to the individual outside of blogs, who would to build it?

    In fact, the ancient general in the Yahoo or Google's search engine, home business blogs to have exposure, about 10 in only one spot only, this one is Yahoo's own blog to the majority, that is their own side to protect their own side business practices it! Of course, you can find some knowledge + and auction web site appears, it is very outrageous ~ can only say how Yahoo just do like, maybe we will find many blogs, there are tens of thousands of popular day and traffic To achieve this state, must have eyes of the subject matter and content of smoke, of course, there are some blogs do some business use of Internet marketing and channel, but after all this requires a good strength, publicity or reports Hello! Maybe you have different opinions and views, we
    fully respect and accept this article was published just let more consumers know the status of blogs, after all, home science and technology do not accept blogs SEO keyword rankings , not now, later Of course, not Hello!

    The new system led to slow Apple iPhone 3G is investigating

    according to foreign media reports, Apple spokeswoman said, iPhone 3G users reflect the latest iOS 4 operating system problems, the company is investigating. Prior to Apple's support forums and technology blog have received complaints, reflected in the system after the upgrade to the latest mobile phones run slower.

    This has been due to iPhone 4 "antenna" incident was ignored. But in fact in the end of June iOS 4 launch, Apple on the forum user's complaint. Most complaints in the upgrade to the latest system, the phone slower. There are other hot issues complaint phone battery down too quickly. The problem itself is very ordinary, but the use of iPhone 3G problems iOS 4 seems to make matters worse, some almost impossible to use mobile phones.

    In the Apple support forums, an order to "upgrade to iOS4, iPhone 3G slow," was published for comment , said: "The phone has moved from a dream product to become annoying product. there is no way to make friends. I will change a iPhone4 But I feel very angry for my Apple iPhone 3G can not be used. "

    Apple's latest iPhone operating system is strong, but iPhone 3G is the product of two years ago. New operating system is not compatible with the first version of the iPhone - but the version compatible with 3G and 3GS, although features such as multi-tasking can not be used on 3G networks.

    Monday, ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer plate on the blog said that Apple should not recommend to upgrade iPhone 3G handsets. Unofficial Apple Weblog also told those who do not upgrade the readers: "Do not IPHONE 3G upgrade to iOS4".

    But the problem is the upgrade to the new system, then downgrade to the old system was not easy. Some blog gives the downgrade steps, but these are not supported by Apple. Another option is to restore the phone back to factory settings, remove your information stored on the phone.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    How to beat Apple iPad notebook makers

    2010 Apple, PC and mobile phone industry is definitely public enemy, iPhone4 even if caught, "Antenna Gate", is still undefeated in the market.  IPad launched earlier point directly to the Internet is beyond redemption in this market into the abyss, only 3,000 yuan in the market are struggling. In fact, the concept is not new Tablet PC, iPad establish so-called tablet PCs are the new benchmark is not very sound. Look forward to the day before yesterday I had a friend buy iPad would complain to me: "I thin think, and find iPad in addition to the micro-Bo convenient point of time, really do not know what use to me. "

    His such a feeling is not unusual for there are many friends around waiting for lower prices in the process of iPad iPad as to understand more the wish to give up are growing. "Ah, can not go Youku, potatoes ah, but look at how network video ah? "" actually do not support online banking, it would mean that online shopping can not? "" No cameras, QQ video appears to be definitely not take of. "

    Starting from the iPad was born, details about its features the voices of criticism have never been perfect cut-off. However, the concept of fashion and trend packing, the large number of consumers are not flocking to this turn a deaf ear, but with some time  before they are found "ease of use is really good," this last word. Of course, any product will not be perfect, iPad defects, it is no big deal, but it also reminds the impact of the Internet for iPad worried the market makers, the original opponents are not unassailable, but their own We should dare to change it.

    And iPad compared, netbooks and ultra-light notebook with similar positioning products most in need of change is it? First course  should be external, such as size, weight, all should be further reduced to enhance portability, the weight of the current netbook about more than the 1.1-1.3KG, and iPad of 600g or a considerable disadvantage compared; second or content, the most important is that the standby battery capacity, Internet most of the current 2-3 hours, ultra-thin this is a 5 - 6 hours, and iPad of 12 hours is too far; There is also a need to focus on changing the hardware + operating system level, the Intel CPU and Microsoft

    Windows with though with the best compatibility and best performance , but too big and overall demand, giving the PC makers to cut costs and create differentiation caused a lot of pressure on both. So really want to compete with the iPad notebook products, as a bold attempt to abandon the Intel and Microsoft, use nVIDIA,

    Google Android, Chrome and other systems can be customized to create a diverse differential advantage. But we must remember that the current iPad has been the lack of shouting, but users who want features and applications are added, so as to fill the market gap it!n fact, currently in the market, similar to the product concept has emerged, at Cebit earlier this year, Lenovo has Gongbu the Smartbook program host and its detachable keyboard design on achieved the industry's recognition of the many professionals, while the same number of Taiwan PC makers are trying to launch a class with nVIDIA hardware Tablet PC product, but do not know why, these products have not been achieved so far listed, leading iPad has been in no real competition situation.

    No choice, consumers may be big for the unfortunate, PC vendors to one or more, as soon as possible to change habits, to meet changes in market demand, product line update it as soon as possible, it might be a hundred new billion in market opportunities.

    Lenovo products or plan to launch Internet TV

    Lenovo Group plans to launch next year more "cloud end" products, Internet TV is expected to become one of the products of which. Held in Nanjing Suning Development Forum on the PC industry, Lenovo Group, Liu Jun, senior vice president of the "cloud terminal" done a lot of elaborate products. In Liu Jun view, the terminal will be a cloud of hardware, software plus services, integrated product background, and clouds will be wherever they end.

    Liu Jun said, smart phones, the Internet Tablet PC and the Internet TV will be the future growth of the cloud-end product. For Internet TV is, with the triple play and broadband development, the traditional TV will be upgraded into an interactive Internet TV, the product has "a very good market.".

    Lenovo launched in April this year, Music Phone, began to enter the mobile Internet field. Liu Jun, Lenovo will be called Music Phone cloud the first end products, while the end of the year will introduce music Pad Tablet PC products. He also said that Lenovo will be more next year cloud end products.

    Liu Jun, Lenovo's strategy will be "actively seize the opportunity to bring cloud computing to develop new PC other than the new cloud-end market." Sina technology being asked whether the terminal next year goes to "Internet TV", the Liu Jun has refused to make further explained that its inconvenient for comment .

    Lenovo CEO Yang on May 27 in the performance of note was revealed that triple play is concerned about the digital home and brought new opportunities. Because of the way television will change, if concerned about the digital home, desktop market may  thus be eroded.

    Apple's iTunes policy to the magazine publisher to bring disturbance

    Introduction: Foreign media today published an article that Apple does not allow the "Times" belongs to Time Inc. (Time Inc.) Sales iPad version of "Sports Illustrated" application, but asked Time Inc. iTunes sold separately through each of the magazine. The industry believes that apples such a policy would bring trouble to all magazine publishers.

    The following article in the main content Time Inc. had hoped to iPad application as a sign of the company's future. However, the dispute between Apple has made the company was disappointed. Time Inc. Apple is not approved by subscription sales and management of the iPad application, which made the company by surprise.

    Sources said last month, Time Inc. plans to launch "Sports Illustrated" iPad application subscription version. Through this application, users can download the magazine in iTunes, but will report directly to Time Inc. paid. Nevertheless, Apple rejected at the last moment this application, a separate sales force for each of Time Inc. magazines, so that iTunes sales in each period, played an intermediary role.

    Apple's decision to make Time Inc. executives, "crazy", they tried various ways for the subscription-based model of Apple's approval. Some even suggested that Time Inc. be removed from iTunes, all the applications.
    Whether or digital magazine issue paper version of the Journal, subscription-based model of the Time Inc. magazines and other publishers are very important. Such a model can bring recurring revenue, while for publishers to provide valuable data.

    If you can grasp the situation of the number of magazine subscribers, publishers can also be digitized versions of paper-based version of magazines and magazine bundling, thus bringing more value. For example, Time Inc. free of charge or at very low discount to the paper version of "Sports Illustrated" to provide digital subscriber version of the Journal.

    Currently, Apple has not approved any of the issuer to provide subscription application. But before the Apple iPad, Apple and Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) has been in contact with Time Inc., hopes the company launched applications for iPad. Time Inc.

    executives said the companies contacted in the course, Apple has introduced Time Inc. agreed to subscribe the model. Between the two companies is not what happened subsequent to the outside world know. Industry speculation that Apple will worry about publishers subscription model for access to consumer data. There is also speculation, Steve Jobs is very interested in the field of digital magazine and hope that by himself to control the market.

    Time Inc., the event's official statement for the semantic ambiguity. The company said: "We are working with several partners and potential partners to collaboration hopes to provide application later this year within the subscription service." And Apple also did not give a clear statement against the matter. Apple currently allows Amazon and "The Wall Street Journal" and other application developers to charge users directly, which makes the case more complicated and confusing.

    Some competitors, Time Inc. has been submitted to Apple's subscription-based application. Hearst newspaper said it plans to apply for Esquire magazine and Oprah launched subscription service, both applications will be available later this year. But this is not a traditional subscription, but a sale of more magazines, iTunes will continue to be divided into 30% of total sales.

    (John Loughlin), said he not satisfied with Apple's practice, but only to do so. He hoped that Google and other companies from competing to force Apple to make concessions. Another major magazine publisher Conde Nast has not mentioned that the relevant plan, but acknowledged that at present there are a number of subscription-based application. The company's president Bao Bosuo Wahlberg (Bob Sauerberg) that will give more details next month.

    Apple iPad Hot promote among the world's top five PC manufacturers

    According to foreign media reports, market research firm Canalys latest data show, iPad prompted Apple ranks fifth in the global PC manufacturers. PC industry, according to quarterly report, Apple iPad to promote the company's second quarter of this year, portable PC market share can be increased by 6% for the quarter, Apple sold a total of 300 units can be portable PC. However, in the first half, sales have slowed down the Internet.

    Chris Jones, chief analyst at Canalys, said, "Apple iPad's success depends not only on" Apple effect ", and other portable PC only shyness, there is no innovation also play an important role."Jones pointed out that "In order to regain market share, PC manufacturer or update the Internet to improve the development of own brands or tablet PC."

    By the end of 2012, manufacturers began to get involved with the other flat areas, Tablet PC sales will be over the Internet this. Tablet PC sales this year will reach 12.5 million by 2014, will reach 66 million.Natalie Spitz, senior analyst at Canalys said, "With the market growing diversity of equipment types and specifications, Tablet PC seamless synchronization function will become even more important." "In addition, the tablet computer's content is very important respect, the manufacturers should be viewed strategically in this area, however, often ignored in this area."

    In the hope that millions of dollars denounced 3D design software for the acquisition of foreign

    Recently, according to informed sources, the domestic leader in CAD software in the hope that Dragon Software Co., Ltd. Guangzhou is planning to spend nearly 10 million U.S. dollars to acquire certain U.S. 3D CAD / CAM software company.The acquisition is expected to be a Dragon in the CAD / CAM R & D has over 20 years experience in the field of American hi-tech company, which developed high-end 3D software in the aerospace, automotive transport, industrial machinery and many other fields in-depth application However, more detailed information about the company's information is still not known. The hope that Dragon is a professional CAD platform for promoting the internationalization of R & D and software vendors whose products have been sold in the hope that CAD more than 80 countries and regions worldwide over 180,000 licensed users. 

    According to authoritative media statistics, in the hope Dragon's development since 2006 on very rapidly in recent years its annual software sales account for new share of the Chinese CAD market, more than 20%.Informed sources: Back in early 2009, the U.S. company by foreign agents in the hope that dragon in the hope that high-level channels and made contact, to send in the hope Dragon acquisition cooperation. Up to one and a half from both sides to discuss the frequent exchanges of view, the United States the majority shareholder in 2008 after the global financial crisis, hoping to find a sustainable development technology-based companies to sell technology, and the hope for the proposed Dragon acquisition of technology products are more satisfied with the acquisition of the 3D software market in China and worldwide sales of confidence.

    Manufactured in China to created in China to accelerate the process of transition, two-dimensional CAD is currently difficult to meet all the needs of users, user demand is increasing three-dimensional CAD. However, given the complexity of 3D CAD technology and high-end nature, has not yet made any software vendor to launch a proprietary three-dimensional CAD software to meet the practical needs of Chinese users. So, as a domestic leader in CAD software, in the hope that Dragon has the inherent power and technological upgrading to meet user needs and external driving forces.The hope now is the Dragon should be the best time for technology upgrades. According to reliable sources, in the hope that Dragon and the United States has signed an exclusive letter of intent to purchase, acquisition is imperative.

    However, overseas acquisitions and is not just facing unpredictable risk of potential challenges, more obstruction from the U.S. government. It is understood that, in the hope that dragon on the acquisition of legal risks involved in being excluded by the investigation of a month, from the U.S. Foreign Investment Committee (The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, referred to as CFIUS) review can not be touched still unknown contact situation. Lenovo acquired IBM Personal

    Computing Division, the acquisition of Huawei 3COM planted bounded from point in CFIUS. In view of the high-end technology products acquired resistance, in the hope that the acquisition of Dragon will inevitably face the same threat.

    Intel Silicon Photonics Breakthrough 1 sec transfer an HD movie

    50G silicon-based optical link system (Artesyn Technologies with map)
    Intel announced in Beijing today with hybrid silicon laser developed the world's first silicon-based optoelectronic integrated laser data link system, the technology can replace the beam inside the computer and peripheral electronic data transmission. Due to silicon raw materials, related products false low volume production expected in 2,3 years.

    According to vice president of Intel Research, Circuits and Systems Director, Dr. Wang Wenhan introduction, silicon-based optical data link system can achieve a longer transmission distance and 50Gbps data transfer, the future of the technology is expected to upgrade to 100Gbps or 400Gbps over. Using optical technology, input and output devices would improve the situation of many computer equipment can be made smaller and lighter; the future of a screen refresh rate to 120Hz and up to 4 times as high  definition and also can be achieved only through optical techniques.

    He described the current computer platform, most of the above is a copper wire with basically the time to 10Gbps already close to physical limits, and the transmission distance of more than 3 meters is very difficult, takes more energy to transmit. The best alternative is to transfer data from the cable, because cable transmission distance and the amount of data is greater.

    On the specific effect, the chief engineer of Intel's Photonics Technology Lab Dr. Liu Ansheng introduction, this system can be a second time in less than a high-definition movies to download, or download a 1000 Zhang Gaoqing pictures, etc., and then the next speed upgrade , the user can be less than one second to download the entire computer hard drives all over, or 32 TV series can be downloaded. Within a minute and a half can print all of the Library of Congress under download.

    It is reported that in the past lasers are costly and difficult for ordinary users, but Intel's invention of the silicon-based optical data link system, low cost and easy to manufacture, without using expensive and difficult to manufacture GaAs original.  According to Wang Wenhan, at present the system is still a conceptual platform for 2023 that may meet production standards.

    HEDY defection high-profile marriage of AMD Intel

    HEDY to the newspaper declared, "rehabilitation" after Intel, AMD could become the brand of this nutritious homemade chicken soup? July 27, HEDY AMD announced a high profile in Beijing initiated a comprehensive strategic cooperation.According to report, although in the desktop market, AMD and Intel are evenly matched, but in the notebook market share with Intel, AMD is not a heavyweight on completely. In the OEM manufacturers, the first-line international companies appear more and more notebook product line AMD chip, and Founder, with the side, Haier and others, Intel is classified as second-line LOCA LOEM brands are the sidelines, AMD order to counter the war notebook victory, support for more domestic OEM is undoubtedly an important bargaining chip.

    HEDY high-profile alliance with AMD

    A few weeks ago, Hedy Chun Biao, Mao, vice president director of this newspaper repeatedly exposed to the unspoken rules expected PC industry, including Intel to bundle a variety of PC makers, Jin and Yuan policy to curtail the industrial chain, had an interview with Mao position, "it is time Intel to kick a drug addiction. "

    Announcing the "drug" a few weeks after Intel, AMD and computer makers announced in Beijing the day before yesterday seven-up a comprehensive strategic cooperation. "As long as AMD released the chip, regardless of high, medium, low, seven-up will be fully implemented, AMD will surely become a seven-up a strong support group."

    As early as three years ago, seven-up on the desktop with AMD collaborated on the move early this year, seven-up using AMD chips in notebook idea, "was quietly tier companies are beginning to use AMD chips, only the second-tier domestic firms also in the dead carry. The two sides announced a collaboration to date between AMD and local OEM manufacturers the most comprehensive and complete product line of cooperation. Jun Biao, Mao introduced by AMD platform, reach the same performance than the Intel Core notebook cheaper yuan each, to seven-up, for example, low-end full-featured notebook, low to more than 2000, while the 14-inch mainstream all-plus standard definition of high-end DX10 also more than 3000 yuan this.

    CPU brand weakening
    AMD Vice President Xiaoming Pan think, PC buying habits are changing the industry, the hardware configuration by the application experience to the attention shift "in the past consumers are concerned about the CPU speed, frequency, etc., and now users are more concerned about is the use of the attainable features such as high-definition can not smooth, the speed to play 3D and so on.

    CPU brand OEM manufacturers weaken give greater autonomy, Apple iPad hot, but not many people are concerned about who their internal use of the chip, more and more PC-based smart phone functions, but the phone companies still have their own pricing, rather than the chip provider. Chun Biao, Mao had said in an interview, "Successful enterprises must have a product-based pricing."

    "Domestic notebook manufacturers now carry Intel death but be profitable, no way to achieve competitive differentiation," Chun Biao, Mao said, the last station machine era, selling PC with turnip greens sold almost, true innovation is difficult, Intel's dominance The release rate of the hardware, OEM companies are only waiting for CPU upgrades, and inventory management to form by differentiation. No matter what PC makers win, Intel and Microsoft are all winners.

    HEDY as the bullet down the domestic manufacturers also see the laptop era has changed the supply chain opportunities, "Localization of notebook supply chain more and more obvious, and this is the confidence we have persevered, who would have thought would be the last domestic cell phone have today an excellent situation. "

    British Hill & Knowlton reduced second-quarter revenue forecast to 800 million U.S. dollars

    According to foreign media reports, the British Hill & Knowlton Wednesday reduced the second quarter of fiscal 2011 revenue forecast, partly because of the economic downturn, consumers choose to buy low-cost graphics processor and Integrated graphics, which had an impact on business.

    Britain now expects the company Hill & Knowlton on August 1 at the end of the second-quarter revenue in eight hundred million-820 million U.S. dollars between. Prior to Hill & Knowlton on May 13 the British had expected second-quarter revenues from 950 million to 970 million U.S. dollars.

    British Hill & Knowlton, said graphics processor and consumer-related increase in the cost of memory has led to high prices, and promote the market for more expensive graphics processor products. The company said in a statement: "discrete graphics processor solutions for the increased costs led to lower prices of consumers start to switch selection and configuration of integrated graphics processor card of the PC. This exceeded expectations."

    China's economy is also weakening in Europe and the British Hill & Knowlton to reduce the expected revenue factor.British Hill & Knowlton will be on August 12 said second-quarter earnings.Earlier this week, the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that Rambus violated the British Hill & Knowlton's three patents, but the British Hill & Knowlton, and financial analysts have said the ruling would not affect the company's business. U.S. leading

    market analysis firm Gleacher and Company analyst Doug Freedman of financial research report published Wednesday said: "We believe that this decision will not Hill & Knowlton's operations caused substantial British influence." He pointed out that the British Hill & Knowlton to reduce not because it expected revenue from the court, but because of market demand and the market environment on business impact.

    RIM BlackBerry push to buy the domain Tablet PC

    According to U.S. technology blog Techcrunch reported that the domain registration information shows that BlackBerry maker RIM has just bought the day before domain name, which again led to Blackberry Tablet PC rumors.RIM to buy domain specific information is unknown, but domain name registered since January

    2002 and has been carried out at least one transaction. Techcrunch Lake (Greg Kumparak) said, RIM has yet to find evidence of trademark holders BlackPad, so RIM could take money from trademark holders currently BlackPad buy.

    said domain name alone does not prove a RIM will launch BlackBerry Tablet PC. In fact, BlackPad rumors have been there a long time ago, some people think that this is BlackBerry slab project code, some people feel that this is the name of the BlackBerry Tablet PC. But RIM has not come forward to explain.

    Microsoft, an independent R & D processor Wintel camp will disintegrate

    2010 Microsoft, in addition to the field of anti-piracy tossing out some sound, has almost always been ubiquitous Google, Apple's products suppress the sound. The continuation of the past 20 years the basic mode of cooperation with Wintel software giant, has simply become a marginal.But now, giant finally move beyond this model has taken a key step.

    The day before yesterday, the global mobile phone giant ARM processor architecture that it has signed with Microsoft, a new strategic agreement will authorize the company to its core processor architecture. Also stressed that the agreement "extends the partnership between the two companies." Co-kept secret: Microsoft's R & D chip or by authorized

    ARM CTO Mike Muller stressed that Microsoft is a partner of ARM than a decade, this authorization will allow Microsoft's applications and development "at the forefront," and covering multiple market segments.
     "We will improve the ARM architecture-based product research and development initiative." Distributed in the official newspaper

    of the information ARM, Microsoft general manager of KD Hallman says.But the agreement were not disclosed more details. Microsoft China, an official who declined comment . ARM China, who is on
    the "First Financial Daily "said that the specific content of the agreement, ARM world's only" three individuals "have the right to the external stresses. But he stressed that the new cooperation, ARM, Microsoft, are essential.

    How such an agreement mysterious? To know that 13 years ago, Microsoft and ARM in the embedded program already, consumer electronics and mobile business had cooperation. Currently, many smart phone Windows Mobile also has a mobile processor based on ARM architecture.

    Informed sources, Microsoft is about 10 million U.S. dollars to get the ARM the license agreement includes structure and instruction set, greatly expanded the scope of Microsoft's use of ARM technology.The source said that this type of authorization, the world did not several, which allows customers to design their own ARM microprocessor. The company will mainly develop smart phones, tablet computers, notebook in particular consumer electronics market.

    Before Microsoft had never beyond smart phones in general, and the ARM processor in the PC-level official to achieve cooperation in the field. "Microsoft certainly does not rule out the possibility to design the processor itself." The official stressed. Reporter carefully reviewed Microsoft's strategic planning over the years the hardware business information. In fact, several years ago, it began planning for the hardware platform, operating system, initially the main focus on optimizing their own, then extended

    to peripherals, home entertainment. In 2006, it is the establishment of a "PC architecture group", target Microsoft's headquarters in Silicon Valley research lab, and Institute of Development, including chips, including hardware platforms, to expand more consumer electronics business. Clearly, access to hardware development, has been a long time plot. Wintel camp: unstoppable disintegration

    On the ARM, if the market in notebook processors break Microsoft system, which penetrate each other with Intel, the competition site, an important bargaining chip to get. This action may be more significant for Microsoft. Only, it must first prepare for Wintel alliance partners Intel's anger. Over the years, Microsoft's attitude on the processor giant has been cautious, careful pace out of Union.

    Let us look at an example of a game between the two sides. In 2009, when Microsoft officially released Windows 7 before the  external global executives have said the company expected to support operating systems other than Intel processors, such as ARM architecture. This will cover more consumer electronics products. But the pressure from Intel to force Microsoft executives denied his final argument. Up to now, Windows 7 is still not clear for the ARM open.

    However, in April this year, Microsoft platforms and services for one, the system kernel expert Makelaxi Norwich, announced that the company is developing an ARM-based operating system. Microsoft can not give up cooperation with Intel. But the software giant has its own difficulties, which is considered Internet market  lonely people. Google, Apple on behalf of the emerging power of the Internet industry have made it embarrassing for a long time.

    Google seized the Linux open source trends, its operating system has to occupy many of the world Adroid smart phone and tablet PC market share. Reflected in China, based on Adroid phones, tablet PCs have become Shenzhen Huaqiang ( 000,062 , stock it ) North, Beijing Zhongguancun ( 000,931 , stock it ) and other main IT distribution market. Lenovo recently announced music

    phone, Gome own brand Tablet PC, all using the Google system, Acer, Dell, and more access to the enterprise, are urgently introduced Google Notebook. Relatively Windows, Adroid software camp although not perfect, but the zero-cost advantage to attract a large number of machine companies to follow, which no longer have to be the Microsoft of gas.

    Apple is a hardware platform with semi-closed, open software ecosystem collapse of Microsoft, Intel-led wintel system has become a mobile Internet era the industry to emulate the hero. Currently, Apple is based on the ARM processor architecture, developed their own independent processor program. iPad with iPhone 4, Apple has to spend his own design A4 chip. It is reported that in the future, Apple will use it to launch TV products.

    Up to now, in addition to the smartphone market has cooperation with ARM, the XBOX console co-operation with IBM, Microsoft more then stick to the Wintel market system and still use the purchase of way to get Intel Technology.The Intel Atom platform technology bottlenecks, Microsoft system requirements on the hardware configuration is too high, leading to the camp has been criticized in the mobile Internet market.

    In fact, in this area, Intel and Microsoft have also complained about each other. Intel's return to smart phones, tablet PC market, efforts are already subject to Microsoft's operating system features complex. Prior to Intel simply developed their own Linux system Moblin, after it merged Moblin system with Nokia, has set up a named Meego's Industry Alliance, which means that the new market segments, Intel also has begun to faithless .

    Both sides are aware about the future of the long road together for love, they give each other move beyond the Wintel system, it seems more and more able to tolerate. The continuation of 20 years, once very strong cooperation in camp, are breaking down.

    google search, the top of the 10 top-secret method

    1, access  and add files to add your website sitemaps.  sitemaps file as a directory, all your website pages included. google site outlines services at work, a time to read you a sitemaps file and will not visit the other set does not include your domain URL.  First of all, your root directory configured. In order to play better results, you need to set at least 100 static html pages in the root directory. You must be xml format sitemaps.

    2, visit , click on the top left corner "Add content" and add your content. All content must be of type xml feed format.

     3, access and add your URL. Please note that at the top of the domain name must be such as:. Com,. Net,. Org.

    4, is a free and requires members invited to join the community. google search optimization content is often from its partner sites or sub-site access to information. The network communities like orkut. When you get on as much as possible to make friends, and more to your web site posted up.

    5, obtain a gmail account, change your personality landed email signature, add to your Web site. The back of each message that the URL you have, because google will search mail to.

    6, to get a free blog account, the same need in your personal information in your web site to write up. Also other places, as long as possible, you could paste the URL up.

    7, access to the account of a yahoo, and to landing. Usually google is through its partner sites and large sites to distinguish between good and bad sites. yahoo is a large site, so when you google the URL in the crawlers see, they will come to you included, and improve your rankings. Short as possible in your yahoo account on more appear on your site and your information.

    8, visit and concerned about the results, in accordance with the position, contact number of station owners to exchange links with them.

    9, to create a googlegroups account is also a large number affixed to your website.

    10, if your site is to sell things, to list your web site and things.

    Web site design issues include?

    With the above design principles as a guide, we set up in the specific site should be designed around it closely, following the above principles that I have set out the basis of some design issues:

    1, visual attention

    Design Web page, must use 640 × 480 and 800 × 600 resolution to observe the difference. Many browsers use the 640 × 480 resolution, although 800 × 600 high resolution in a number of Web pages look very attractive, but in 640 × 480 mode may be eclipsed. Made little effort to design a different screens can display the page properly.

    2, considering the browser compatibility

    Course, IE is now a growing market share, but we still need to take into account Netscape and Opera these browsers. Design considerations, such as with color, graphics, lines, etc. The use of Article. Time for users to need to care for at least several different types of browsers to test site to see how compatibility.

    3, and pay attention to website upgrade

    Moment attention to the site operating conditions. Good performance of the host with the increase in number of visitors may run slowly. However, if you do not want to lose visitors, it must be carefully planned to upgrade your plan.

    4, use tables to layout

    Do not like the content of a website to make a report to list out like 1234, should pay attention more to web content with the level of form and spatial highlight them, people will see your site a focused structure clear.

    5, more to learn and to use HTML

    In order to successfully design a website, you must understand how HTML works. Most of the proposed network novice web designers from the HTML of the book to find answers, web pages using Notepad. Because the design website with HTML, you can control the design of the whole process. But if you just web design novice, you should be allowed to modify the HTML to find a package.  HomeSite4 is a great Web design tool. In the design process, HomeSite4 can help you learn HTML. It also allows you to switch to WYSIWYG mode, so you are sent to the Web before the Web, preview your site.

    6, annotated text for images

    To each graphic and textual description, in the event of relevant content can be seen before, especially the navigation buttons and the big picture should be so. As a result, users visit your site, there a kind of warm feeling that you are cautious, more considerate, always considerate of others, believe that your kindness will be rewarded.

    7, have less Sitemap

    Many designers put on their site map on the site, this practice is more harm than good. Most visitors to the Internet is looking for some special information, their website for how you work and not interested.  If you think your website needs map, it is likely to need to improve your navigation and toolbar.

    8, less special fonts

    Although you can use in your HTML in a special font, but you can not always predict your visitors will see what their computer. Inside your computer looks pretty good page on a different platform may look very bad. Some site designers like to use to definethe characteristics, which, while allowing you to use a special font, but still need some alternative ways to avoid the font of your choice in the visitor's computer can not be displayed. CSS cascading style sheet will help solve these problems, but only until the latest version of your browser to support CSS.

    9, to be a site description

    A simple and clear website, not only allow people on your website can provide some understanding of what have led to express your sympathy or sincerity, and often the most impressed readers, but also enable visitors to quickly find the desired things.  However, many designers have not done so. Effective navigation and search tools make it easy to find useful information, whichis very important visitor. Tell your visitors exactly what they want to provide the information.

    10, minimize the use of Java programs

    Do not use the large format of the Java program can be replaced with a javascript effect is try not to use java. Because the current run rate in terms of java is slow people can not tolerate those who do not often visit the patient and other pages all show up, so you The well-designed Rights will have no effect.

    11, to update content

    Website up, just a new starting point, Nanjing, Google optimization , you have to look after, and continuously updated to maintain its common fresh, if not timely updates, it's best to post information in the home, told to come Fang Wen friends, due to special circumstances need to leave for some time, failure to update the home page, hope you forgive me, this can give a person a feeling of responsibility on others, Shangqiu Google rankings , along with its users trust. Otherwise is tantamount to "death station", people thought you were dismissive of his letter, nor will you continue to call the.

    12, is not appropriate to use the blinking text

    Some designers want the text to flicker caused by the visitor's attention is to be understood, but a page can not have three flashing up words, too much to the user a dazzling impression that they will affect the user to visit The site's other content, is the so-called "extremes meet" also.

    13, to avoid a long text page

    There are many sites in a text-only pages long, is boring, people to read long text, have to use the scroll, thus wasting time surfingthe web users. If you have a lot of text-based documents, Adobe Acrobat format should be the file format to be placed so that yourvisitors can read offline, thereby saving valuable time.

    14, animation, with a maximum of

    Everyone loves to decorate the page with GIF animations, it is really attractive, but we choose whether to use GIF animation candetermine if the answer No, then select the rest of the picture, because its capacity is much smaller.  Similarly, the size of the LOGO, GIF animation capacities of 5K, which still LOGO only 3K. Although the difference is only 2K, but multiplied, will affect the download speed, so if there is not required, to choose the smallest.

    15, can not ignore the typos

    A good website design will not miss every detail, even a minor spelling mistake and will never happen. But unfortunately, many designers have a lack of such skills. Make sure you spelled correctly, and pay particular attention to usually easy to mistakenly write the spelling, to always maintain a rigorous scientific approach.

    16, use of images

    Users roam around the Internet, you must try to attract and maintain their attention to your home. World Wide Web one of the most important resource is its multimedia capabilities, so we have to make good use of. Home of the best images are eye-catching, innovative images of beautiful fonts to make it unique, posting eye-catching. Image content there should be a practical effect, should not an empty rhetorical. Note that picture can make up for lack of writing, but not able to completely replace the text. Many users the software is set to spent browsing images, with a view to save time they just look at the text. Therefore, the production home, you must pay attention to important information connected images or links to other pages of instructions expressed in words repeated several times, taking care to avoid excessive use of images, if forced to put large images on the site,on Thumbnails software is best to image the narrow version of the preview is displayed, so users do not have to waste money andtime to download they do not wish to see the big picture.

    17, each page should have a navigation button

    Should avoid forcing users to use the tool bar forward and backward buttons. You should be designed to enable users to quicklyfind what they wanted. Most good sites in the same position on each page have the same navigation bar, so that visitors can access the site from every page of any part of.

    18, need not register the best

    Because the counter is designed by the program, the display counter of the process is actually a program in the implementation ofthe process, it needs to occupy the valuable time spent online users Moreover, most of the visitors that the counter is meaningless, they are easy to sham, visit who do not want to see the ads. Therefore, I recommend Do not consider placing on your website clicks a visible counter. Your web site is designed to provide services to visitors, not to sell the things you think areimportant. If you show how popular your website, you'd better provide a link to display the access log.

    19, do not use the framework

    As with the Register, the framework on the page more and more popular. In most sites, the left side of the screen there is a framework. But the designers at once discovered that when using the framework generated a lot of problems. When using the framework of the 17-inch display, if not almost impossible to show the entire site. Framework makes the web page can not be within the personal bookmarks. Perhaps more important, search engines are often confused by the framework, so can not list your site.

    20, screen images would still ensure the integrity of pages

    Even in the browser to remove the image function, but also ensure that visitors to your web site with satisfactory results,presented before the user is still a complete website. For those visitors turn off the image features, but also get good page loadperformance. In the bottom of the page can provide additional links and the use of alternative text, not images to meet the needs of visitors.

    21, plug-ins using the well-known

    If the site has a sound or video, to ensure that the user plug-ins by using a well-known, can be heard or seen. If visitors do not have the required plug-in, will have to other sites to download so that visitors may not returned. Many sites use QuickTime, RealPlay and Shockwave plug-in. Because many visitors do not want to waste a lot of time and money to download the plug-ins may only be used once.

    22, to avoid the error link

    Site may be made of other links to some useful sites. However, if your page has a link, be sure to check them regularly to ensure effective links. May be many sites link to, but do not link to your site, regardless of content.

    23, test site

    In your site before the official release to be a useful test. Site to be used in the design of the latest software, but do not forget that people do not use the latest browsers, so to take care of to the previous browser. Upload site also test all the links and navigation toolbar. With images, text and animated GIFs to flooding unnecessary pages, even if there is sufficient space, Longyan website optimization , the design should also be avoided.

    24, note the collection of user registration information

    If we can know who visit the site and how the web sites, then it can get a lot of useful information. However, asked visitors to register before browsing the site, this is to take risks, because it will drive away a group of people who do not want registered. Another method of access to information is a quiz for prizes or money rewards, so that users can take the initiative to fill some of the information feedback form.

    25, so that sites with interactive features

    A static Web page always gives a dull feeling, lack of a dynamic and exciting. Best web site to provide some tools to answer questions as well as other interactive performance designed to make visitors can access interactive information website, which gives visitors a participatory networking freshness and sense of accomplishment.

    SEO and PPC comparative advantages of five

    SEO and PPC comparative advantages of five
    SEO compared to PPC, there are five major advantages, as follows:

    1, user browsing habits, web site search traffic through SEO bigger, better

    Survey shows that more than 95% of search engine users will be given priority to the natural google search engine ranking results (GOOGLE ranking the left), of which most people can not be left only in GOOGLE results will be satisfactory to browse to the right of ad. Because PPC ads show space is limited, the results of bidding to make a lot of customers because of the cost of one click is too high, too high because the cost can not be ranked page, making it difficult for some customers this auction for good use of advertising effectiveness.

    The survey showed that 87% of Internet users will use search engine to find needed information, which is nearly 70% among those who will directly search the first page of search results to find the information they need. Will not go point following page. So select the site optimization is very necessary! Second, to prevent malicious clicks, reduce waste

    C lick F oren sics U.S. consulting firm C lick F oren sics has issued a "click fraud index" survey revealed: In the second quarter  of2006, search engine advertising overall click fraud rate was 14.1%, 13.7% in the first quarter had increased, The CPC-per-click  prices of more than 2 U.S. dollars and popular keywords, the click fraud rate of 20.2%, Baoding Website Optimization . The results may not include Chinese search engine market, but according to industry sources, domestic search engine suffered worsethan malicious Click absolute than abroad. Search auction business model and the birth of "click fraud" in the search engine  into an awkward position. Makes a lot of advertisers lost interest!

    However, the way through SEO, Huainan Google Optimization , search engine optimization to achieve the purpose will be a fundamental solution to the problem of malicious clicks, reducing invalid input, so that enterprises running ads for better results. 

    Third, the same low cost keywords

    Search engine optimization pricing criteria: the number of visits by keyword auction fees, and google ranking with packages on the left side of the cost, keyword pricing is based on the lowest priced home auction Jie Guo line as the standard, according to thetechnical difficulty level, to develop more low price standard

    Auction Ads can set a daily advertising budget, over budget ad is not displayed; rule appears to be able to help companies save costs, but such savings often lose many potential customers. The SEO optimization is not restricted by this rule, the website link shown above all the time.

    Competitive bidding within the advertising industry can let you in a very short time rapidly rising costs. The Website Optimization This factor does not exist. For example: If you did bid ad position, you must have had the experience: "Last month, the ad came inthe right side of the first bid only 0.8 yuan, now has to be increased to 7.8. This means Each ad was clicked 1 times takes 7.8 "If the point by day 10 to count, then a lot of money a year, but ah, not to mention the cost of insurance to count out, far more than the actual cost.  And let you save a google ranking this concern, google rankings once a year to pay the cost, no hits limit! Fourth,

    more extensive coverage of advertising, one input, the consolidated income Website promotion is the most professional search engine for your website not only been ranked google ranking improve the left, while in other major search engines (Baidu \ Yahoo) will improve your website ranking, website optimization Zhumadian. Choose to bid advertising to achieve this effect must be and their search engine provider Qianding advertising agreement, a search engine, one input of an agreement, it will increase the huge costs. SEO for your time investment, the consolidated income

    5, long-term effective website optimization results Website Optimizer can help improve your index page, if your link has been upgraded to maintain high-quality reverse the increase in the number of connections and content maintenance, on your left will continue to maintain or increase rankings. Applied unless the latter be punished by way of cheating or stop post-maintenance. The auction ad, if stopped, the site also links to instantly  disappear

    In contrast, I think we all have a choice!

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    People who really need SEO

    40 years of senior boss, boss primary school. 60 years old, opened a little for their own foreign trade companies, only three employees to serve him. Once, I was his assistant the most benefit. But first, I was also nothing will. Boss is very kind, he did not understand the computer, does not speak English, but work is still very smart indeed, lose their tempers, they also quite frightening. He Hunan lotus seeds, fat, and often looked at my computer next to my work, do not know what I was doing, but I'm usually very conscientious. On tax issues, as I skillfully blocked, he taught me how tax, how accounting, how to the customer delivery, collection, and the like. He was saved, but also taught me not to waste, always told me 60 years of experience, listening

    to the people a little bitter. I left the boss of the company, because the  income is too low, the boss does not understand the price up. He did not know that young people spend generous time. I do not deny that I hold anything against his company's low pay for employees, but do not deny that I really learned a lot of useful things.

    End of the story.

    In China, there may be thousands of such enterprises, so the boss. Although their ages are small, poor management, but they also carries the dream of ambitious. The world has a wealth of experience, this is their advantage. But the advantage became a disadvantage sometimes, they do not understand the new services, and even hold the psychological rejection. May think that computers are high-tech gadgets, the network is not understand. But they do not realize they are missing an opportunity to change corporate destiny.

    I firmly believe that believe that network is an extension of the human brain. Google Whether you accept it or not, eventually the network will carry the human civilization, Shangqiu Google optimization , dissemination of human thought, Anqing web design. Network to break the geographical concept, but also broke the age, or gender, background and so limit, you can make free communication between people.

    For an enterprise, use of network spread their brand is a good choice. First, the network of low cost, small and medium enterprises do not have much threshold; again, the network is currently the main source of information for most people, for me, every day the time spent on television less than an hour, Jinchang web design , but the flowers time the network may be more

    than 14 hours, I am not a one example, but very common; again, the network has a good interaction, you can understand where the user came from, how come, and what are they looking etc., to make adjustments in real time. The article mentioned at the beginning of the boss, but also more than just a one example, in China, many entrepreneurs will not use the network. Network can let them play cards, or the next chess, that's all. They never considered the networks can bring them business.

    Perhaps, from the beginning people tried to persuade him to build a web site, until he gradually found that the network does not work any help to him, and slowly lose interest in the network, he changed the view of the network. Many corporate website from the idle current situation, there are so many companies encounter.

    Change the status quo, just need to guide thinking about SEO. Network is a very good channel, the network is a very good platform, to many companies into the network of the world, it has changed a lot of state of the business is indeed very real for many companies get the benefit.

    Or make good use of a platform, such as Alibaba; or to optimize your site look good. If you abandon the network, then the network will abandon you. 

    iPad accused of overheating in the sun easily and quickly using the auto-shutdown

    According to foreign media reports, Apple iPad recently because of its use in the sun will overheat and become the accused, the accused claimed that Apple iPad use in the sun will overheat, and quickly turn off automatically. Last week, U.S. District Court Northern District of California received a lawsuit against Apple in the ad on the iPad the e-book reader functionality false propaganda, as prone to overheating, the device could not be used outdoors. Lawsuit states: "Use iPad nothing like a real book to read as users in the sun or under normal circumstances in the other books to

    read true, will not happen automatically combined phenomenon of books." Apple's advertising claims in the iPad , like reading e-books using iPad reading, like a real book, but it is not.

    Litigation that the Internet and technology industry iPad prone in the course of general dissatisfaction overheating, but Apple has not taken any steps to alert users when the outdoor use iPad note. iPad Litigation also noted: "In normal weather conditions of use, iPad will soon overheat, even in indoor iPad can not prolonged use, while in other warm climates, iPad use as e-book reader, or transceiver e-mail, playing games will soon overheat. "

    Jacob Baltazar、Claudia Keller John R. Browning iPad The lawsuit's plaintiff, Jacob Baltazar, Claudia Keller and John R. Browning has filed a class action suit against Apple, claiming the iPad all purchases of U.S. users are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Apple also asking the court to determine compensation for losses suffered by the user so , and punish acts of false propaganda Apple, warning other companies not to have similar behavior. 

    how mobile applications against Apple and Google alliance

    Recently, committed to creating open application platform, telecommunications companies Union Wholesale Applications Community (WAC),  today announced that Union as a business entity set up, and announced the organization's leadership and the Board of Directors.  WAC At the same time, WAC also announced JIL (Joint Innovation Lab) merger. Google Mobile Alliance against the merger of the two, the industry believes that the merger of the two alliances of mobile applications, mainly for the mobile Internet with the current rapid development of Apple and Google competition. WAC JIL ,Google? Before then fragmented nature of the WAC and the JIL, after the merger really against Apple and Google?

    From the merger of WAC and JIL itself, it seems that the explanation was not made before the fragmented nature of both the desired results. To know the WAC this year, was formally established in February, while the JIL set up earlier, but they advocated the unity of the open application platform, development, deployment and marketing applications (similar to the App Store) has been very slow progress, and even If not, then this merger, the industry few people know of the existence of WAC and JIL.
    WAC JIL Speaking of WAC and JIL's core, that is, an open application platform and the application of domination (such as smart phones), I think that from a technical point of view, the difficulty is not small. Even if the technical point of view there is no problem, For developers, developing cross-platform applications, than the one platform for the application of high costs, the mobilization of their enthusiasm, WAC, and JIL market now is still not enough proof of For those developers themselves attractive enough.

    In addition, the WAC and the JIL is advocated with the development of some of today's mobile Internet incompatible. See today

    on behalf of the mobile Internet development in the smart phone market, the top five vendors, the basic are their own operating system and its applications store. iPhone ,RIM Some even have their own hardware products, such Apple's iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Nokia. Together with their own hardware store operating system and application support is the formation of differentiation between firms compete with each other the key, since the iPhone is the beginning, operators feel the pressure of one of the main. Google But if the original intention in accordance with WAC and JIL, or at least contrary to the main terminal manufacturers of these strategies, it is no wonder, in the WAC and JIL does not appear in Apple, Google and other major smart phone manufacturers these names join is basically smart phone market in the second-tier vendors, such as LG, Sony Ericsson and so on. This means that the combined Union still can not escape the mainstream smart phone makers marginalized.

    The third is between the WAC and the JIL, if prior to its merger, the industry will for the owners of a number of world-class (24) WAC telecom operators made it faces internal interests and co-ordination, then, after the recent merger This coordination of benefits from within, not only still exist, and with the increase in the number, the future may also expand. In addition, after some mainstream telecom operators already launched their own application store next to them in accordance with the WAC if the norms and requirements to develop, sell when the stores with their own interests of existing applications, how divided is the most reality.

    App Store Google Android Market Fourth is the telecom operators for the Apple App Store and Google Android Market's success (number of applications and downloads) envy, and hope that through their own application store to to earn money. App store Google Android Market WAC JIL ,App Store Google Android Market But do not know whether the WAC and JIL clear, such as the size of Apple's App store, its share of total revenues is still very small, and Google Android Market applications nearly 80,000 kinds of mostly free, it is almost zero start of the WAC and the JIL, If you want to achieve significant revenue in the future, then substantially beyond the Apple App Store and Google Android Market is a must, and can go beyond what the reason is?

    WAC JIL Google WAC JIL The fifth is in the WAC, and some members of JIL as Apple and Google are also partners in the sales and use their smart phones, once the WAC and JIL release its own open platform and applications, is bound to impact and the interests of these partners , how can the trade-offs, I am afraid it is the puzzled pieces of things.

    WAC In summary, I believe that WAC has two mobile applications and JIL Union merger, before converting to change the independent combat "much less, not more rain" situation, on the contrary, may make their presence before contradictions become more prominent. In this case, they also released an open platform and applications What is the purpose? Is not willing to make to cover up their own "Official Road" embarrassing situation and take a symbolic move it? Google ,If so, mobile applications alliance to fight against what is not Apple and Google, but fear their control is weakened in the past, from the look, This time of the merger, strong smell of smoke and mirrors.