Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ajax Features

AJAX as a new programming technique has several features. AJAX Privileges include:

Make requests to the server without reloading (reloads) the page.
Parse (parse) and work with XML documents and / or JSON.
The data is sent bit so save bandwidth and connection speed.
The process is done behind the scenes.
Many supported by modern browsers are popular.
Applications built more interactive and dynamic.

The use of AJAX will bring several benefits. These benefits, among others.

High Interactivity: AJAX applications are more interactive than conventional web applications.
High Usability: Update data not reload the whole page, but only the relevant.
High Speed: AJAX applications faster than with conventional web applications

Examples of AJAX User

Some commercial web is to use AJAX technology to increase service to the user. Here are several examples that use AJAX web.

Google Suggest:
Google Maps:
Yahoo! News:
Bitflux Blog: