Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Through Install Driver Device Manager

Because there happens to be a friend to comment on blogs Computer technology is still puzzled how mengistall managar device drivers on your computer through the Windows operating system, then segaja I made with the aim to help the colleagues who are still a little bit confused.

Indeed, how install like this sometimes do typing in a driver file that we have not in the form of the setup file which is actually where I live to do the install just double click on filennya then lived in a next-next, but when getting a driver file that is not in the form of setup files which must be forced to use manual way through Device Manager.

For how to install hardware drivers through device manager simply by the way:

    1. Click Start on the Windows taskbar,
    2. Right-click My Computer, and select Properties, and System Properties window will appear,
    3. In the System Properties window, select the Hardware tab, then select again the button labeled Device Manager, and will appear again the Device Manager window

       4. In the Device Manager window, look for hardware that will install the driver, usually a driver that has not been detected by the Windows operating system there will be a Question mark (?) a yellow.

   5. So when my friend had found him, living in just right-click tuh drivers that have not detected a marked question (?) which is yellow, and then click Update Driver on the menu that appears from the right-click a buddy to do it and it will appear the windows Hardware Update Wizard ,
   6. In the Hardware Update Wizard window, select the option Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and press the Next button, and select the option Include this anymore locations in the search. Do not forget on the Browse button, specify the location of the firstthe driver folder files will be installed .

    7. After determining the location of the folder that my friend had a driver, continue by clicking Next and wait until the process is complete. If this process runs smoothly, then the driver will be automatically carried out the installation.

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