Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Principle of Computer Network Systems

Electrical signal or signals in the form of electromagnetic waves propagating on a computer network / radiate with the working principles of computer networking systems. In order for a network to exchange information data, we need a device called a modem (modulator demodulator) that serves to convert analog signals into digital signals and vice versa.

There are 4 main components found on a network, the sender (sender information data), protocols (which encode and decode the data information), transmission media (medium data transfer), and receiver (receiver data information).

The principle works, first sender sends a signal to the receiver via the protocol information that changed the encoded digital signals into analog signals and signal transmission through the media and via a second protocol on the decoded back into digital signals before entry into the receiver.

The working principle above can be in the analogy when the Japanese and British people were chatting over the internet. When the Japanese people to type a message in Japanese it will be modified in advance by the protocol into english english so people can receive messages in English and vice versa when the British reply to a Japanese person is the english message will be modified by the protocol advance into the Japanese language prior to the Japanese people. So in this case protocol translator can be termed as data information.


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  2. The idea works pretty easy enough. The trouble comes in with the materials themselves such as cables, ports and routers. But sometimes it's just compatibility issues, which can be fixed by changing one or more of the hardware.

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