Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Latest Computer Technology

This is a computer technology which will be released next year, when seen from the form and sophistication of technology that will indeed come true - really very fantastic. TriBook with three concepts of ultra-wide screen that is 21? wide screen. He also has an 8x SuperDrive, 1TB hard drive, and the MacBook Pro-Calibre CPU, plus a keyboard multitouch trackpad

Future generations of laptops ... created by German designer Felix Schmidberger industry, models classy, elegant, futuristic laptop is using a touchscreen OLED

Perhaps more appropriately called Paper PC because of its shape like a sheet of paper in the form of the screen as interface and equipped with a pen to operate it by touch screen. Designed by Avery Holleman 

Laptop which has two screens with a design similar to the book, I much prefer it if the item is called Digital book. The prototype of the XO-2 and the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)


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  1. This post is written well and I dont think that computer technology going to be make a stop somewhere.