Sunday, January 16, 2011

Worm Network Tester

Similar to the smallpox vaccine made from benign virus, computer worm known damaging it can be used to do something useful.
Thanassis Giannetsos the computer security experts from Greece presents interesting findings that can be used to perform testing against the security of a computer network.
Worm in the form of software called Sesys and designed specifically to test the network sensor module by performing malicious code injection. Sensys Originally created to collect the data via the network. Data - this data will be changed to be presented in graphical form. However, because of its ability to perform malicious packet injection, the Sensys better known as a good worm.
Despite the malicious code can spread in the network, Sensys totally harmless. Who managed to spread malicious code in a network will not damage and retrieve essential information. Conversely, Sensys will form a detailed report related to the weaknesses found in the network points.
In the near Giannetsos plans to offer a free download application of this invention through his personal website at


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