Friday, January 14, 2011

Build IP TV (Internet Protocol Television)

Speaking IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) dah two years ago ... now Indonesia dah rame began preparations to move the TV analog to digital TV era by using technology IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). So Inget ama VOIP. But this might be a bit different, but bang Nasrul Try to describe a bit about digital IPTV although not the personnel, expertise Nasrul bang.
Well actually if just for one area such as a district we can build Digital IPTV station, how ya pake Networking Wide Area Network system by relying on WiFi technology, Well really easy way tuh.
In Digital's IPTV Station didaearah, there is a WIFI network, which obtained a clear IP is a LAN (Local Area Network) so yes rather kenceng was trasfer bitrate, can reach 1 Mbps, especially if use LAN systems using cable systems, can achieve 100 Mbps. Now kalu dah existing network, do stay deh IP mapping, IP Clear contained in our local Digita IPTV Station can be read by the network system we have. For example we use the IP on plate C so we assume that IPTV Station we build have IP
Requirements for IPTV Digital Station we are the encoder device Video / Audio, and Streaming Server device. The definition of Video and Audio Encoder Tool is for the source video and audio for broadcast TVnya, well usually on Video Camera that we use are usually present Jack AV namely to output Video and Audio. nah in this section is connected to the Video Card and Audio Card that we have on a PC computer that will be used as encoder engine. Brand Card Card Video and Audio can be your own with your pocket.
Ok, after the set, now you will make taking pictures and sound through a PC computer that is used as an encoder, and you just choose the encoder system that you use. Here Bang Nasrul give an example using Real Producer ver 11, so will the protocol used is the RTSP protocol.
Then you do the encoding using Real Producer Push Encoding with a choice of systems, from pc computer encoder you toward your Streaming Server. For example you mempush on the streaming server with IP, and give the path / live.rm. Selajunya is a streaming server, you can use the Helix Server Unlimited is licensenya 30 Days, please install both under Linux and Microsoft Windows. Do I install it deh search on the Internet. Ok After you've installed and streaming server settings, then push the system from your PC you can berjlan encoding properly.
Well made watch IPTV is, in our LAN network can access it using Real Player, then enter the URL address is rtsp: / / ... so nah deh digital IPTV, well, if there is IPTV Set Top Box better tuh ... so can directly watch on TV, not computer again ....
How yah Set Top Box IPTV .... IPTV STB that .... surely it is Linux root wah ... he he he he
Well now bang Nasrul have an idea ... of Post ngebangun IPTV Digital, now bang Nasrul Want to make IPTV Set Top Box with Linux base, just a pity bang Nasrul Gak Punya Cost ... anyone want to help?
Ok picture IPTV STB that was built the same linux bang Nasrul actually very simple, that is actually changing the pc computer so the IPTV STB, which clearly only accept applications from streaming video streaming server which then output to a TV, no longer to the Display / Monitor VGA LCD or Computer. The contents of the STB of course there is the Linux Kernel, To read the Hardware LAN Card, Sound Card and Video Card (AV). Now there is an application that contains only Gui Browser and Media Player.
Well to IP mendapatkankan course with the DHCP server, so do not bother setting the ip address, can never in layat been hosting the TV that comes out is a browser that contains a link or button for streaming url address. Now when the URL is clicked or pressed terebut via remote control, automatically which is called Media Player that matches the protocol used and the Codex. IPTV STB's