Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Browsing Without a Trace

After a chat with a number of internet users, I finally chose to post the tricks browsing without a trace. Many Internet users are complaining because the browsing activity is always known by other people and complained the lack of privacy in browsing. Although the usefulness considering these internet pages to facilitate users in browsing for example in terms of mempercepet opening a page. But well because sometimes the problem is not browsing other people want to know, why Info Computer & Information Technology will discuss a bit about how to browse without a trace. Here you how to eliminate traces,

1. Click "Start> All Programs> Mozilla Firefox> Mozilla Firefox".
2. Once the program is open Firefox, click the menu "Tools> Start Private Browsing."
3. If there are sites that are still open when you are setting it, would appear situas confirmation that you open will be closed, stored and Ntar will be open again after a session of "Browsing without a trace." Answer Confirm by clicking the button "Start Private Browsing."
4. Then a moment will open a new window firefoz ready for browsing without a trace.
Here is how easy it is to browse without a trace. Hopefully this info is useful to Internet users who want their privacy maintained

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