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History Website

A web site (often shortened to just site; web site, site) is the designation for a group of web pages (web page), which generally is part of a domain name (domain name) or subdomain on the World Wide Web (WWW) on Internet . WWW consists of all the websites available to the public. The pages of a web site accessed from a URL which is the "root" (root), called the homepage (main page; often translated as "porch", "home page"), and is usually stored in the same server. Not all websites can be accessed for free. Some websites require a payment to become a customer, such as sites that feature pornography, news websites, electronic mail services (e-mail), and others.
In terminology, the website is a collection of web pages, which are usually summarized in a domain or subdomain, which it is located on the World Wide Web (WWW) on the Internet. A web page is a document written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which is almost always accessible via HTTP, the protocols that convey information from the website server for display to the user via a web browser. All publicly accessible websites are to form a huge information network.

The pages of the website will be accessible via a URL which is called Homepages. This URL regulate web pages into a hierarchy, although the hyperlinks in the page set up the readers and let them sususan whole and how this information flow going.

Some websites require a subscription (data input) so that users can access some or all of their content. For example, there are few business sites, these sites free e-mail, which requires subkripsi so that we could access the site.

The inventor of the website is Sir Timothy John ¨ ¨ Tim Berners-Lee, while the website which is connected to the network, first appeared in 1991. The purpose of the teams when creating a website is to facilitate the exchange and update information to fellow researchers at the place he works. On 30 April 1993, CERN (the place where team work) informed that the WWW can be used free of charge by everyone.

A website could be the work of the individual or individuals, or show ownership of an organization, company, and usually a website that shows some specific topics, or particular interests. A website can contain hyperlinks (links) that connects to another website, so, sometimes the difference between individual websites created by individuals with websites created by business organizations can be blurred.

Website written, or are dynamically converted to HTML and accessed through a software program called a web browser, also known as an HTTP Client. Web pages can be viewed or accessed via a computer network and Internet enabled devices may be personal computers, laptops, PDAs or cell phones.

A website created in a computer system known as a web server, also known as HTTP Server, and this sense can also refer to the software used to run this system, which then receives and sends the pages required to respond to requests from users. Apache is the software which is used in a webserver, then after that is the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

A static Web site, is one form of content within the website site is not intended to be updated periodically, and usually is maintained manually by a few people using the software editor. There are 3 types of categories editor software that was used for the purpose of maintaining it, they are:

1. Elements of a text editor. Examples are Notepad, or TextEdit, where the HTML is changed within the editor program.
2. Element 2 WYSIWYG editor. Such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver, where the site is edited using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and HTML format is generated automatically by the editor.
3. Elements of three editors who already has a template, for example, RapidWeaver and iWeb, which, this editor allows users to create and update the website directly to the web server quickly, without having to know anything about HTML. They can choose a template in accordance with their wishes, add a picture or object, fill it with writing, and with a flash they had to make a web site without having to see any HTML code.

A dynamic website is a website that has frequently changing information or this website interacts with the user in various ways or methods (HTTP cookies or database variables, previous history, session variables etc.) can also by direct interaction form and movement of the mouse. When the Web server receives a request for a given page, the page will be automatically retrieved from storage in response to the demand requested by the user. A site can display an ongoing dialogue between users, monitor the changing situation, or provide information related to the user.

Systems There are many types of software that can be used to generate dynamic Web systems and dynamic sites, some of which are ColdFusion (, CFM), Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP) and PHP programming language that are available to generate dynamic Web systems and dynamic sites. Sites may also include include information taken from one or more databases or by using the XML-based technologies such as RSS. Static content may also be periodically generated, or, if there are circumstances in which he needs to be restored to its original state, then he will be generated, this is to avoid its performance in order to stay awake.

Plugins are available for expand the features and capabilities of web browsers, which plugin is used to open content which is usually a snapshot of a moving picture (active content) such as Flash, the Shockwave or applets written in JAVA language. Dynamic HTML also provides for the user so that he can be an interactive and real-time, updating the web page is (note: the page that change, no need is loaded or reloaded on to the changes can be seen), usually the changes made by them using the DOM and JavaScript are already available on all Web browsers today.

As noted above, out there exist some differences in the writing of website terminology. Although ¨ Website ¨ been generally used, but for the Associated Press Stylebook, Reuters, Microsoft, the Academia, and the existing dictionaries, writing that they use is to use two words, namely the Web site. This is because · Web terminilogi ¨ is not common, but short of the World Wide Web.

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